Islamorada 8/22/12

Made a trip offshore from Tavernier creek today, stopped at the Islamorada hump and trolled up a few Tuna, then headed out to look for the elusive Mahi Mahi. We managed to find a huge school of peanuts, but no keepers. The wind picked up a bit for the ride in this afternoon, made a couple of quick drifts for grouper, but no takers. All of the out of towners caught a fish, and came home with smiles, so a good day, topped off with a plateful of seared tuna and a cold cerveza.


  • TavernierGuyTavernierGuy Posts: 917 Officer
    Nicely done! We got out around 6:30 AM on Tuesday morning to look for Wahoo and Blackfins. Found blackfins holding in 240ft Mixed in were small schoolies. Did manage a small 22 lb. Wahoo. Weather picked up so we went back to the reef.

    Guys were catching some nice phins in 270 ft yesterday.
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