Tropic Star Lodge-Panama

ghoundghound Posts: 34 Deckhand
Anybody been? Would you go back? Thanks for any replies.


  • IdlewildeIdlewilde Posts: 1,357 Officer
    Been several times, as well as other similar locations around the world, and can say that Tropic Star is with out a doubt the finest/best all-around big game lodge destination in the world.
  • Off The WallOff The Wall Posts: 35 Deckhand
    Yes and Yes. I have been there several times and would go tomorrow.
  • ghoundghound Posts: 34 Deckhand
    Thanks for the replies. It looks awesome!
  • Offshore9393Offshore9393 Posts: 469 Officer
    100+ plus pound yellowfins, huge dolphin, black marlin ya I would go back. Oh wait im going back in january.
  • AlwaysOnTopAlwaysOnTop Posts: 210 Officer
    Do yourself a favor and check out in panama. We went in April of this year and caught 180#,140# and 120# YFT on spinning rods. This place is the definition of 5 STAR!
  • LipsLips Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Hey - I am heading to Tropic Star in a couple of weeks, and planned on doing some shore fishing in between all the other fishing. I have heard it can be good for roosters and other fish, but am uncertain what lures to use. Can any of you that have been here give me any advice? My experience with this type of fishing is very limited.

    If you'd rather not share here, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected].

    Thanks for any responses!
  • crackerDcrackerD Posts: 124 Deckhand
    We spent 5 weeks fishing out of Tropic Star on a private boat. In total: 1 blue marlin (500lbs), 1 sail, and countless large YFT and mahi. Things were off that February and we didn't want to see another 80 lb YFT for a long time. This was 2009. The hosts, a younger couple from I believe FL were very nice when we would come on land for dinners and hikes, etc. The pool, and rooms looked to be very nice.

    I flew home early but the boat stayed. My captain ran into a small panga floating disabled about 12 miles from TS. He radioed to the boat but they didn't respond. The resort picked up the radio call and said they'd send someone out, so he continued on fishing. They sent a couple of policia to check it out. Turned out to be some FARC with a boat load of guns.

    So, when you see Panamanian policia walking around the resort and at the airstrip, that's why. We slept on the boat in the harbor and I'm not sure I would have slept too well if that had happened while I was there.

    I'd still go back to chase after a big black though. Have fun if you go.
  • KeysbearKeysbear Posts: 132 Deckhand
    I have been there a number of times, as recently as last December. The fishing is great, and the variety of species is unmatched anywhere I have ever gone. We caught 3 Blacks, 1 Blue, big Mahi, 5 or 6 tuna over 100 lbs, as well as lots of fish inshore and on the reef. Service and food at the Lodge is fantastic, and I can say that I have never seen anything remotely unsafe there. There is no crime, no drugs, and yes the military has a small presence there somtimes, as there is an airstrip, and the lodge is the only significant structure for miles. It is complertely safe. I have been there with my wife and son, and they loved it. My son caught his first marlin there-800 lb. Black. What a memeory.

    Go, everything about the lodge, including the boats, tackle and crew is first class.

    i can't wait to go back.
  • MGDMGD Posts: 1,105 Officer
    Do yourself a favor and check out in panama. We went in April of this year and caught 180#,140# and 120# YFT on spinning rods. This place is the definition of 5 STAR!

    They don't even LIST the prices!
  • AlwaysOnTopAlwaysOnTop Posts: 210 Officer
    Look again on homepage under booking then rate sheet. Just under 5K per person, three full days of fishing and two relaxed island days. Not cheap but worth saving for.
  • Pesca Pimp PanamaPesca Pimp Panama Posts: 172 Deckhand
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