Miami Urban Fishing Report 08/21/12

Well folks the Urban fishing scene in Miami is going very. As the days grow hotter so has the Peacock bass fishing. Ya gotta love this fishery, late starts and hot bites. Peacock bass fishing is not like other types of fishing. They really don't bite that well in low light conditions...early morning and evening. The higher the sun the better the bite, as far as I've concluded. Like I always tell my clients jokingly.."If we ain't sweating, they ain't bite'n." Anyways I went out this weekend with a good friend and client for 1/2 day of Urban fishing. The fish are still keyed in on the massvive hatch of minnows we had this year. Boy, I'll tell yous if you ain't matching the hatch..Your gonna have a long day. My friend had a real good day on the P's ,landing at least 20..we stoped counting. I also scored too. With one of the biggest Bass I've ever caught in Urban systems we have here. This girl was a beast! We only took a couple of pics of the day...Too busy catching But here they are for yous to checkout. Thanks for reading our report.






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