Hog dogs for sale

I have 2 bay dogs and 1 catch dog for sale. Im up to 8 dogs so the wife said its time for some to go. :banghead The catch dog is a 1 yr old catahoula with 2 blue eyes and will catch just about anything. I started him as a bay dog but he went straight to being a catching machine. The bay dogs are 1 yellow w/blue and honey eyes and ghost spots male that is a 1 yr old half catahoula half black mouth cur off my double-merle female. This dog has a great nose and can run all day and trail SILENT. The other bay dog is a black and brindle catahoula female that is 1 1/2 yrs. She is very gritty and very fast. She throws awesome puppies - I kept one off her last litter that can be seen who is 11weeks old and already baying (she doesn't look like she's ever had a litter now). Call for picks or for other questions. Dan 813 382 7254
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