Beach fishing advice - North Miami Beach

Hey all,

Looking at hitting up the beaches in North Miami for the first time this week. Work at NE 79 st, so probably going to do the beaches a bit south of that. Going to be trying it at early morning, probably tossing a DOA Bait buster or Mirrolure Catch 2000. What leader would you guys recommend for the surf: 30lb? Possibly more? If anyone can provide any other rec's on what to fish and how, or what to look for, I'd really appreciate it. Also, if anyone remembers any old post that had some great advice, that would be great - spent some time searching but the search tools are a little bit of a PITA.

As always, thanks all, and have a good week.



  • dtobiasdtobias Posts: 733 Officer
    Hey, I spend alot of time fishing the beaches up in south Broward county. 30lbs fluorocarbon leader is what I use. I throw a variety of plugs such as Mirrodine and Skitterwalks as well as soft plastics on jig heads and weighted worm hooks. My advice is use any color you want as long as it is white. Can't go wrong with white. That being said, other presentations in natural colors work well also. The beaches are full of bait.....mainly pilchards and glass minnows right now. The mullet run should be starting before the end of Sept., so I would think about anything with that sort of silhouette. Good luck out there and post up on how you did. Catch 'em up.
  • jjimenez1jjimenez1 Posts: 129 Officer
    Thanks for the advice! Probably going to be throwing a crystal minnow to start the day. Then switching to a mirrodine.

    Will be letting you know how it goes - should be heading out Wednesday morning.

    Thanks again,

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