North Key Largo 8/17/2012

went south on friday night (8/17/2012) to bottom fish. thought we might have a good night since there was no moon. set up in 89 feet at the first spot and the current was ripping, causing our chum bags to surf. could not raise any yellow tails and caught a small shark and kingfish cut off at the boat. nothing of value.

we moved shallower to about 65 feet and there was absolutely no current. zero current. chum would sink straight down. caught a few gogs hanging around the boat and put one down and caught this very nice mutton (12# on digital scale). that was the only fish of any value we caught that night.

moved again to about 75 feet and again the current was ripping. could not keep the bait on the bottom and could not get the yellow tails up. frustrating night.

any suggestions would be very welcome. thanks in advance. here's the pic, caught and then served.


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