Report In Tavernier 8/19/12

Today’s trip was out of Tavernier, The ocean was nice with smooth conditions, we ran out to 70 feet and the current was slow to the north, the fish did not want to show very much, I started with a demo and got one tail but, the bite was too slow and far so we moved on to another spot in 82 feet and I noticed a commercial boat near by he was a friend of mine, this spot did not produce in 15min time so as we were picking up anchor I notice the commercial boat was passing by, I text him and he said it was a slow day, they headed south, then we headed to another spot in 55 feet a few miles away and found better current and within 15 minutes, I had the ball of tails behind the boat and the speedo at the chum bag, I got a dozen or so speedo and we caught about a dozen tails and one and a half mangroves, thanks to a cuda, that took the other half. We also caught a nice Mac. After this cuda took the mangrove, the bite dropped and we headed to the deep for the muttons, this customer said to me as we were on the way, all he wanted was a grouper to make his day. When we anchored in the last spot, we got 3 muttons one yellow jack, 1- bonito, 1 yellowtail and 3 sharks and it was time to leave, so I said lets put one more bait down and go , that bait got hit by this black, that I weighed on a hand scale, this guy was very happy to say the least. Overall, another good day. here are the pics, Photo1411-1.jpgPhoto1413.jpgPhoto1408.jpgPhoto1414.jpg


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