Best Caribbean/Bahamas destination for January?

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This January the wife and i will be escaping the bitter new york winter, and are going to make a trip to an undetermined location in the tropics. During the negotiations i managed to get a little flexibility on the precise location and was also able to negotiate a couple days of fishing.

Any advice on destinations in either the bahamas or caribbean for that time of year to help optimize my time on the water would be very helpful. also if you have personal experience with a particular captain, boat or company that would also be greatly appreciated? I work for myself and understand the value of positive referrals. My father and i fish out of marathon every year in May and catch a fair amount of dolphin and do a lot of reef fishing but I have never caught a bill fish. So as far as species go I would love to catch 1)billfish, 2)tuna, 3)wahoo, 4)dolphin

Thank you in advance for your help,
Bob G


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    Hi Bob,
    Welcome to the forum.
    Probably your best bet is this outfit for the Bahamas: Capt.Trey is a member on here, but I don't know his screen name. Trey moves around quite a bit, so you need to find out what area he will be in by January.
    Also our esteemed "Compleat" here on the forum is presently landlocked between rides, but he most probably be floating around the islands by January. Captadamr on here also charters out of Nassau.
    Can't help you much further South with the exception of a recommendation for Punta Cana Resort in DR which has some charters out of their marina. You need to find which boats are there before you go.
  • greatlake saltgreatlake salt Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Thanks for your help blue.

    My wifes first choice was actually Punta Cana , and you suggested trying to find which boats will be there in January. Do you know of anyone in particular that fishes out of Punta Cana that i should try to get a hold of. As for your other suggestions i will look into those further also. Thanks again
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    That's kind of the rainy season. We have been doing January in Huatulco Mexico the last few years. January is the dry season on the pacific coast and you basically won't see many clouds. Just nice hot/dry weather. It's just panga fishing there, but I've made good friends with Jesus Vasquez on the " White Shark" panga and last year we killed it on 30-40lb Mahi. Lot's of sailfish there as well as numerous whales. The ocean there is alive. We stay at the Barcelo. Daily flights on United through Houston.

    [email protected]
  • Blue ZoneBlue Zone Posts: 414 Officer
    If you want a larger sporty, call ahead to see what's available. There are always a couple of CC's there as well.

    Not to split hairs, but the Pacific side of Mexico is not the Bahamas/Caribbean, January is in fact the dry season not the rainy season and mahi is at the bottom of Bob's hit list.
  • RiverdogRiverdog Posts: 55 Deckhand
    Try Mariana cay ( sp ?)
  • HightopHightop Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    I was just putting my two cents in. Everytime I've been in the carribean in January it was rainy and cooler. If you want great weather in January the Pacific coast is hard to beat. 90 degrees and sunny everyday. Just an idea for vacation. Have a great trip.
  • FS JeffFS Jeff Posts: 373 Moderator
    La Guaira Bank, Venezuela! Best spot for blue and white marlin in the Caribbean that time of year, end of story.

    Martinique is also good, as is Tobago. Cayman Islands also sees fish.

    Love to hear a trip report from Venezuela... we used to do articles down there back in the day, before the triple whammy of landslides, Hugo Chavez and political instability.

    I'll investigate a little more...
    Jeff Weakley
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