First Trip to Bimini

rshie66rshie66 Posts: 26 Greenhorn
Long time Bahamas fisherman, diver, and cruiser. Mostly GBI and the Abacos, but never Bimini. Have fished for a while in these waters but truly unfamiliar with general areas to the North and South of Bimini for fishing. Staying on South Bimini for a 5 days. Bottom fishing is my weak point and wanted to see if anyone would be willing to share some general pointers; locations, times, bait, etc... Any other general tips/ideas about trolling, deep dropping, or diving would be appreciated greatly. Also don't have any real idea about the island scene here. Places to go and places to stay away from. Thanks again to all for any info you may be willing to share. -Ryan :)


  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,665 Captain
    go south past cat cay and look for good structure with your bottom machine. lots of chum and live bait or whole ballyhoos or ballyhoos plugs should work. alternatively, run to the gingerbreads (north) and do the same.

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