Miamimuttonman Report Haulover Muttons 8/17/12

I went out of Haulover today, Tom, has his 19 foot flats boat at the Marina there and wanted to look for fishing spots and learn his home area,
So first we went in the bayside and found some threadfin hearing and I casted the net a few times and we had enough for the day, we headed out of the inlet in search for some fish and found a nice looking bottom in 70 feet, marking fish. The current was slow to the north, we starter our chum and shortly after, The yellowtails start hitting and we bring in a few and I also had put a live bait on the bottom rod and since the ocean was like a lake, I placed it on the holder and put the clicker on, shortly after the clicker starts to sing and tom was on, to his first cobia out here, we had no bat, low gunnels and a 3 foot gaff, so it was a risky catch, So i cleared the battle area, took everything out of the way while he was fighting this fish and I stuck the gaff in his head and place the fish on the floor, then we realize the coolers too small so we put it in my chum cooler, this fish weighed 32 lbs. After a few more tails the bite started to get slow so we kept on looking scouting around in search of rough bottom and fish marks, we stooped at a spot marking a crazy amount of fish and when we put the chum in we got invaded by a huge school of blue runners, after catching and releasing a dozen or so, we went to deeper water and found a nice mark in 100 feet and used the G P S controlled trolling motor to hold us at the intended position without anchoring, what a nice thing to have it held us over the fish as we fished, we got 3 muttons and lost a monster hit that cut the line on the bottom. we also picked up a mac and a few jacks.Tom was very pleased with today’s catch here are the pics for more Google miamimuttonmanUntitled-4.jpg1345249666.jpg


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