BMC vs Port Lucaya for YFT/Buddy Boat

Never EnoughNever Enough Posts: 8 Greenhorn
Planning on crossing for our annual trip to Lucaya this weekend for YFT. We have been succussful this time of year over the past 3 summers. I basically go due south about 20 mls to the canyons. This year though I'm considering BMC and would like to know if the Tuna fishing further west is comparable.

Also looking for a buddy boat from SLI or other ports. Will be leaving on the 22nd.


  • sabinkisabinki Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    I am also crossing and will be doing the YFT the report has been good. friends just got back and the dId well. I would also like a buddy boat my friends will be heading over also but they run about 22 knts in a 52 ft sport fish. I llike to run around 30 knt. If you want just call me at 904 669-2649. I am not dead set on lauch ramp just found it really easy on blue heron.
  • sabinkisabinki Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    The park I will be lauching from is phil Foster park Rivera beach. It is to the north east side of blue heron blvd.
  • Never EnoughNever Enough Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Leaving out or St Lucie Inlet in Stuart. Will leave the inlet about 7:30a. Depending on live bait situation, I hope to be underway around 8a. Will be in a 25 bluewater, yellow hull, monitoring ch 16.

    Where will you be staying?
  • sabinkisabinki Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    I will staying at OBB> I should be mobile by then also will try you on radio around 8:30 am. Are you checking in @ west end or Lucaya?
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