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Brand new 798 control head display suddenly very Dim - Ideas ?

beezy_bbeezy_b Posts: 30 Deckhand
I've checked the power all the way to the connectors and I have 12v with the unit off and 12v with the unit on and with the unit unplugged.

My biggest concern is that the installer did not install the connector holder and I just noticed today (3 weeks after taking delivery on the boat) that when I've removed the unit from my boat so it doesnt get stolen and put it back on my boat and simply plugged it all in again that the power is 'keyed' to prevent reversal of polarity etc......BUT without the connector holder the 'keying' on the power plug doesnt exist.....All news to me as it isn't specified on the unit or plug...

What happens if you reverse that polarity ? Could this be why my Control Head now doesnt display properly ?

Thanks for the input ! Just trying to determine if I should try to get my boat dealer to replace my 798 or what...

Beezy :hail


  • CarolinaJimCarolinaJim Posts: 101 Officer
    HB's are not protected against reverse polarity and could certainly damage the unit if plugged in backward.

    Do you have the quick release mount but the wires are not in the cable collector ? To facilitate removal is the reason for the quick release mount and the mounting instruction say to use the cable collector. Very wierd that was not done.
  • beezy_bbeezy_b Posts: 30 Deckhand
    Thanks for the reply - The boat was just dropped off with the dealer to do first engine service and some other odds and ends....I asked about the quick connect/release mount and they are aware of the fact that this was not there when I got the boat so I am hoping they take care of it however it needs to be done...I did confirm with HB support that reversing the polarity can be problematic -

    My only comment to HB is that the fact that the power cable is only keyed for the quick connect/release maybe was a design flaw - This is my first HB and the two other big brand names I had used in the past had no quick releases but the cables were keyed so no mistake could possibly be made. Otherwise I was (which is why I opted for this unit) and still am impressed with this piece of equipment -Other manufacturers couldnt show me the oyster humps or dock pilings I was fishing unless I drove over them....Huge benefit for inshore.
  • CarolinaJimCarolinaJim Posts: 101 Officer
    So was the 798 just laying on the dash when you got the boat?
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