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kirk_olykirk_oly Posts: 20 Greenhorn
Weather permitting, we will be heading to Bimini in a smaller boat from August 24-27. This will be our 3rd annual trip. We always have had a great time, but usually have spent most of our time bottom fishing.

We would like to try for some pelagics this time around, though not sure how realistic it is due to time of year and warm water temps. Here are a few questions we have:

1. The ideal would be to find some YFT's, we would be interested to hear if it is worth it to check out the areas to the NW of Great Isaacs this time of year?
2. We would be happy to find blackfins or even skipjack tunas - are they prevalent this time of year and if so, what areas and methods to use?
3. Mahi's and/or Wahoo areas / methods?

Any insight that could be provided is much appreciated. I know that late August is probably not the best time of year, but this is when we can go, so we will make the most of it and I'm sure have a blast no matter what as usual. Thanks.


  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    While august usually isn't a great month for fishing in the islands, 2 years ago in august we decided to make a run north to the tunas grounds and caught 3 yft, one went 42lbs, the other went 57lbs and our biggest was 66lbs, we didn't think they would be up there at that time either. Our plan was to take a chance on finding the birds and dive and bottomfish all night around the gingerbreads anyways. Its always worth a shot if u have the time, the area up around the Issacs is awesome no matter what your doing up there. Theres some nice ledges halfway between bimini and the Issacs that hold wahoo, but its hit or miss for them, take ur time and drag a nice spread on your way north, throw a couple big chuggers on the biggest setup you have with you, the man in the blue suit has been known to cruise those same areas!!! As far as methods go...this time of the year its all about weedlines and floaters, all off our biggest mahis and wahoos were caught on one of the two this time of the year...hope this helps!!!
  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,665 Captain
    the tunas are there year round, but the birds tend not to be there later in the summer, and because when you find the birds, you find the fish, it makes finding the tunas a bit more difficult. regardless, live baiting and chunking are effective.

    do a search on here for tuna reports and you will find a lot of information.

  • kirk_olykirk_oly Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the great insight snookyj and alacrity!

    Any insight on a trolling speed on our way north, if we want to be able to target mahis, wahoo and the man in the blue suit all at the same speed?
  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,665 Captain
    6 knots or as fast as needed to ensure the lures have the right action. if you are going north usually faster bc the stream is behind you at about a few knts.

  • zachandalexzachandalex Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    what is the smallest boat you guys would suggest making a trip to the bimini's from and what is the closest departure point for a first timer ?? Looking up to 26' cc just wondering if that is big enuf >? read so much about the wind and water conditions its hard to know if its safe enuf veturing out in a vessel that small. Want to do it but dont wanna risk it if a 26' is too small.

    we fish the inland and gulf side out of ft myers so want sumthn we can still do that but can trailer and take off for the islands.

    thx for any input !!

  • Carolina flareCarolina flare Posts: 92 Deckhand
    we take a 20' pioneer cc and a 18' bay boat all the time sometimes on our own. not saying its recommended or a great idea, but we do. dont think id be trying to go in anything less than a 82 viking with this weather coming up tho.
  • kirk_olykirk_oly Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    We have crossed 3x in 23 ft walk around w 1 225 merc. No probs. just make sure to check forecast and cross during summer. We are now planning labor day wkend if weather permits out of haulover. Let me know if you plan on the same to buddy up.
  • zachandalexzachandalex Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    just in the initial stages rt now of planning and thx for the invite i will definetly keep that in mind !! im sure it will b next year before we get across but ill find ya then !! lol
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