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Attention gators/seminoles/etc. I need help on business idea? pros/cons?

Hello all. It's been a while since I have posted. This is because I sold my boat and moved to Gainesville to attend graduate school at Florida. Anyways I am working with a new start-up (barely 4 months old) and getting off the ground is tough to say the least.

The company is a new neighbor-to-neighbor website we started up and are trying to get off the ground. It allows people looking for parking spots at games to conveniently find them on our website in advance. So there is no hurry, no frustration, no driving around endlessly for spots far from the stadium. Anyways I need some input on this idea. PROs/CONs from the perspective of the renters and the parking space owners? etc. Even seminole fans can chime in lol. We are launching this service in Gainesville and plan to move to Tallahassee and then eventually Jax, Tampa, orlando, Miami. Here is the link http://www.parkatthegame.com (the site will be fully functional on 8/20/2012) . Anyways GO GATORS! and have a great day. Catch em up


  • dolfanjoeydolfanjoey Posts: 1,174 Officer
    I can comment on miami, there have soooooooo much parking at Joe Robbie that there would never be a need. But I would use it in Tallahasse and Gainesville.
  • BigchocolatelabBigchocolatelab Posts: 129 Officer
    Thanks dolfanJoey. Yeah the service is geared towards big college towns first and foremost. Gainesville and Tallahassee come to mind. Moving forward we would like to look at the big cities, but Florida is a state that seems to not have parking issues. Thanks for your input.
  • bigyellowtunabigyellowtuna Posts: 250 Deckhand
    from parking space owners standpoint -- how would your website be better than first come first serve like it is now....higher price & payments in advance? Also, do spaces actually run out at UF -- from what I recall you can park just about anywhere on campus and parking rules are relaxed on game day. Has it changed?
  • BigchocolatelabBigchocolatelab Posts: 129 Officer
    Thanks for replying bigYellowtuna. We think the website/application would be better then first come first serve because it would allow renters to get a space in advance instead of showing up and finding out spaces close to the stadium are packed. The price is determined by the seller. You can't park on campus...in fact their is almost no parking spaces on campus....especially on game day. Parking is relaxed on game day, but any spaces in the city are available are always taken. Parking in Gainesville on game day is a madhouse. Thanks for the input bigyellowtuna!
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