Panama Fishing Report - Six Species Day, Rooster Video, and Whales! - August 11, 2012

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We are out here on the island for a few days doing regular maintenance and getting ready for some upcoming clients. So I figured why not go out and see if we can get into them? The weather hasn't been too bad lately and we've got 3 dozen blue runners in the livewell. So why not?

We wanted to head out early but sure sun-up it was black tword Isla Montuosa so we decided to and creep around here in front of the lodge on Isla Paridas and see what the weather would do. Not five minutes into slow trolling a couple of liveys and WHAM! Big Rooster! All of 35# fish on a live runner. Perfect catch and release. And I got it all on the new GoPro too.......

The weather started to clear up a little so we shot out to Isla Ladrones only thirteen miles away. We casted the poppers on a couple of logs on the way out but no Dorado. As soon as we get to one of the spots that usually holds fish the sonar is lit up! Good marks on this sea mount just west of Ladrones. We drop two baits down and Bam!....Bam! both get ate right off the bat! Mine breaks off I think it was a Wahoo, cut clean, and Steve catches a 50# plus pig Amberjack! A couple more drifts and we get another AJ about the same size. I switch over to Bajo Ocho a big sea mount south of Ladrones that has had a bunch of action lately. Soon as we get there birds are diving, fish busting the surface, a bunch of action! We end up with a nice Yellowfin Tuna, a monster Mullet Snapper about 30 pounds the biggest I've ever seen, a Rainbow Runner, and Jack Crevelle. We missed another 3 to cut leaders/line I think Wahoos all drifting liveys and a couple more to pulled hooks. We tried trolling the plugs to try and pick up a Wahoo but no luck. So lots of action and all that in only a few hours! Oh yeah...on the way back in we see some Humpback whales. There have been a bunch around lately it's mating season for them around here till November. We get up next to them and It's a baby with what must have been Mom and Dad just cruising along. It was a great day and we've got some clients arriving today so hopefully the action will stay good!

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