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Unlike our friends at NOAA predicted, the weather on Saturday out of Port Everglades was fabulous. We went out late Saturday morning with the usuall crowd and one special guest,Joey. He is our Captian Bills and brother Adolpho's nephew and at 14 years old he never had been dolphin fishing.
It was a slow day fishing , but we ran hard to find the boy some fish. Seas were less than 2 feet, the skies a bit overcast and the boat at full throttle insearch of the "dolphin fish". We finally found a bunch of terns and freigates about 22 miles out ( did i mention that ALL of our electronics were stolen a few weeks ago so that we didn't have any electronics or guages?). Yes we are harcore and did have a few handhelds if we needed them. Unfortunately, all those birds were under small but plentyful bluefish.
We set out on a troll home and a nice fish hit the spread. It was fish on for Joey:fishing
He did a fine job and with the experience of a pro landed his first dolphin.
The ice was broken. Joey was pumped.
Continued the journey and on our way in bumped into a nice patch about 8 miles out. Got two more hits and Joey got two more fish all decent size.
i think Joey is hooked and it was great having him on our team


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