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I am hopeful someone on here will be smarter than I evidently am. On my new boat, I have a humminbird 898C SI on the lower station, this feeds off the eternal gps antenna and tranducer which are attatched to the unit direct. I then just installed a Humminbird 998C SI on the tower station. This has power cable and is hooked thru the ethernet port on the back of the unit direct to the ethernet port on the 898 below. My problem is the upper machine cannot find the GPS antenna or the transducer. Both are working, and I have hooked the 998 direct to the transducer and the gps antenna and it sees it there, but when hooked to the ethernet cable it cannot seem to find it. The 898 on the bottom is working fine. I am going to go get another ethernet cable and pray that its not the cable (I wonder if Humminbird will come rerun it for me if it is). But after that I am lost. Any help or ideas?

This is a double post from my earlier question on ethernet. Just trying to get some info on this as soon as I can.

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