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Well.......decided to rent a house in Great Exuma with another couple next spring or summer.
Never been there so no idea about location or where to be.
Went into a realty site and there is a ton of rentals all over the island.
Saw a place-house called Seabiscuit which is off the flats on the western side which would be great (walk out in early am and do some great wading) but it is some distance from town. More interested in bonefishing, exploring than being on a nice beach.

Any comments or suggestions. Not sure if it is best away from town or close to town. Near the northern tip where the fancy resort is or at the southern tip. Will rent a car so probably does not matter where but it would be nice to go wade fishing on easily accessible flats

Another question..........are there better seasons for bonefishing. Sping?, summer?

Thanks for any help or suggestions


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    Hi there I've stayed in Exuma a few times and here's my take. If you have a car the island really isn't that big enough to worry about proximity to georgetown or the flats (although a place right on a flat makes for a great early morning or later evening). The last time I was there, I stayed just north of G'town, which is a small town, and would drive up to Barraterre to hit that flat. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the resort and would not stay up that way.
    I would highly recommend The Bahamas Fly-Fishing guide by Kim and Stephen Vletas, I have been using this book for many years, and have traveled to 5 of the islands and fished on my own with the aide of it. It also has great general info on each island. I fish with Trevor Bethel when I get a guide, he can be found here http://exumabonefish.com/
    Some other stuff, there is a seaside outdoor restaurant call Cocoplums up north that is great, with a bonefish flat/creek just a little bit south. Michael "houseman" Rolle has a restaurant/bar called Houseman's, on the right not too far above the airport, he is a great guy to get to know, last I knew he was one of the head groundskeepers at the resort golf course. You can rent a boat right in G'town and take a trip over to Stocking Island. Two Turtless inn has a nice little outside bar to watch stuff happen and gather local info. The Peace and Plenty's are pretty good if not a little pricey for dinner. I like the local food, whole snapper and such and there are plenty of good local restaurants, Edgewater, Cheetahs, and The Palms at Three Sisters to name a few. Exuma also has an excellent fish fry (those are all those colorful little shacks you see on the right just north of G'town. Have a great trip, let me know if I can be more help. Rick
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    Incredible help.
    Will contact you as we get closer and if we have new questions
    Really appreciate your post!
  • RStyleRStyle Posts: 1,397 Officer
    Sent you PM regarding Exuma
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    We stayed with Nancy Bottomly at Regatta Point many times. Georgetown is one of our favorite places. Rick nailed it in the post above. We've rented boats right in G'Town and beached them at Regatta Point right in front of our room. Lots of uninhabited islands to explore. Take the hiking path on Stocking Island to the top of the hill and see the views of the Exumas. The Peace N Plenty bar is a must see. There used to be a fish fry every Friday right by the government dock. The whole town comes out. Not sure if they still so that but if they do, you have to get a plate of food. It was $6 a plate the last time we got down there but that was a while ago.

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