heading to bimini this weekend 7/23 any body heading that way "port everglades"

30LB PIN FISH30LB PIN FISH Posts: 25 Greenhorn
it will be my first trip looking to do some spear fishing! Are you aloud to have dive gear on board even if you are not using it to spear fish? any help would be greatly appreciated
"time well wasted"


  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,188 AG
    I think that the law says that you can't use dive gear while spearing fish. I'm guessing that if you were inspected with dive gear, spears and fish onboard with holes in them that you'd probably be in trouble. Also, only pole spears and Hawaiin slings are allowed, ever. No "triggered guns" allowed in the country.

    Ask the folks when you clear Customs on Day One and see what they say. Also, you could leave the dive gear in the room and vice versa with the spears. Kind of a hassle but so is getting your boat impounded. Read the post here about the two boats that fished without clearing Customs and see how much you might be willing to roll the dice........
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