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Boomerang Fishing Jigging Rods

Boomerang Fishing Jigging Rods !!!

Anyone looking for some nice jigging rods? Boomerang Fishing offers an AWESOME assortment of jigging rods ranging from 15-30 up to 80-150 lbs. All of our rods are constructed in the good ole USA. NO IMPORTS!!!! . We use Fuji guides and Fuji reel seats and there are many options to upgrade the rod into exactly what you are looking for. ( Alps seats,Stuart seats,Fuji SIC guides,ect) You can order them any color you want and we will put name or boat names on free. here is a list of model numbers which you can also find on our website as well. WWW.Boomerangfishing.com or feel free to call at 561-585-0020.
All our jigging blanks have what most do not - Action. they bend nice and even thru the rod and absorb a lot of the pressure you get from most stiffer jigging blanks.We have guys using them in the NE for chunking, trolling, and livebaiting for striped bass,fluke, and blackfish and the larger rods for jigging large tuna off the bottom. These are the same rods we use in Florida for snapper, grouper, kingfish, and other wreckfish as well as live baiting for sailfish and trolling for dorado.

The VJP series are all conventional. The smaller two with All Purpose Fuji guides and reel seats and the rest of the series we use Fuji Heavy Duty Boat Guides

VJP 15-30 6' - 129.00
VJP 20-40 6' - 129.00
VJP 30-50 6' - 139.00
VJP 30-50 6'6 - 139.00
VJP 40-60 6' - 139.00
VJP 50-100 5'10 - 139.00
VJP 80-150 5'10 - 139.00

The VJS is the same rod built for spinning reels. We use All purpose Fuji spinning guides and Fuji seats.

VJS 15-30 6' - 129.00
VJS 20-40 6' - 129.00
VJS 30-50 6' - 139.00
VJS 30-50 6'6 - 139.00
VJS 40-60 6' - 139.00
VJS 50-100 5'10 - 139.00
VJS 80-150 5'10 - 139.00

If you are interested contact us by instant message, email or phone and we can answer any questions you have. We are also on Facebook. Thanks and keep your rods bent!!!!
Todd Laker
[email protected]
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