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6 month wait for resident fishing license?

PutAwayWetPutAwayWet Posts: 5 Greenhorn
Why do I have to wait 6 months after getting my driver's license to get a resident fishing license? This does not seem fair nor constitutional. Once I move to a state, obtain a driver's license (required within 30 days) and register to vote, it would seem by any standard that I would be considered a legal resident. I moved to Floida about a month ago and have gotten my driver's license and voter registration. I had an out of state fishing license last year before moving here. So now I either have to buy a non-resident license or waith 6 months?! What gives?


  • Roc N RolRoc N Rol Posts: 1,352 Officer
    Different states have diffferent requirements, that is what it is here. What are the requirements for residency in the state you came from?
  • tagtag Posts: 8,920 Admiral
    Because it takes 6 months to be considered a resident. You have to establish a residence. Things like electric bills and rent or mtg payments for a period of time. Pretty normal as other states have the same requirement.
  • PutAwayWetPutAwayWet Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    I came from NC, it looks like they require 60 days. Tag, yes many states do have this requirement but that doesn't make it right. By this logic, I have my drivers license, vehicle registrations and permanent residence in Florida, but I am not yet a "resident". So I guess I am not a resident of any state at this time? This reminds me of how colleges used to state that one had to prove that they moved to a state for purposes other than education to get residency staus for tuition. The courts shot that down as unconstitutional. This is after all the united States of America, you can move to any state for any reason you want.

    Why can't I use my boat or car here for six months after moving to the state before registering them? This looks like nothing more than a way for the state to maximize revenue.
  • tagtag Posts: 8,920 Admiral
    PutAwayWet wrote: »
    This is after all the united States of America, you can move to any state for any reason you want.

    Yes you can and you did. After establishing a domicile for 6 months you can save the extra $30 charged to non-residents on next year's fishing license.

    Welcome to Florida.
  • Roc N RolRoc N Rol Posts: 1,352 Officer
    I lived here most of my life, moved out for about 10 years and had to do the same when I returned, bought a non res. license and renewed as res next year. I had at one time, Fl. res. license, non resident in Georiga, Tennissee, New Mexico, and Colorado. I dont worry much about it I just get the license and go fishing, It is always cheaper that the ticket for not having it.
  • PutAwayWetPutAwayWet Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Roc N Rol wrote: »
    It is always cheaper that the ticket for not having it.

    Well said Roc N Rol. I would certainly never fish without a license. I don't need those kinds of troubles. I typically hold fishing licenses in NC, SC, TN and FL but typically don't end up using them as much as I would like. License fees (at least a portion of them) do go to good use. There does seem to be a never ending increase in the nickel and diming going on from the state and fed... and IMO there is a great deal of hypocrisy between DMV and FWC on their rules and regs when it comes to this sort of thing. I'll stop my whining now and just buy the license. but just wait till I hear about the fees and taxes when I get my boat down here:grin:grin:grin
  • LODI QUACKERLODI QUACKER Posts: 149 Deckhand
    You have your drivers lic, just go buy a res fishing lic and be done with it. If everything you have says FL on it, the question will not even come up IF you are checked by an officer.
  • PutAwayWetPutAwayWet Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    I thought about trying that at sprawlmart to see if it would go through. When I try to purchase one online it won't let me.
  • tagtag Posts: 8,920 Admiral
    You could try it but wally world uses the same database you use online.

    I had to jump through hoops to prove that my son, who was born and raised here for 17 years, was a resident. I couldn't get him a fishing license online. I ended up having to go to the county offices with birth certs, ssn card and Florida ID to prove he was who he was.
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