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Guide Spacing on a Spiral Wrap

When you do a spiral wrap with the guides do you still use the same spacing as a conventional wrap? I've been thinking about doing this on a trolling rod and I don't know if you are supposed to adjust the normal spacing. Also I've seen that the stripper guide is small in some rods. Is this to help get the line even on the spool? Or is it even necessary?


  • irishff727irishff727 Posts: 948 Officer
    Not that I have yet to wrap one. But from what I was told by q guy who wraps a lot of them u keep normal spacing and spilt the distance between the stripper guide and the next guide and that's where your transition guide goes. I know that's how he wraps his

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  • seanfishseanfish Posts: 254 Deckhand
    There are several different forms of spiral wrap. The one referred to above is known as a simple spiral. Exact same setup as regular then flip all but the stripper guide to 180 degrees. Now add another small guide known as a bumper at 90 degrees between stripper and next guide. I'm not fond of the look this produces although it works rather well.

    More commonly you will see a Revolver or Roberts spiral which amount to essentially the same thing and what I use. Start at 0, then 60, 120, 180 transition. Its not uncommon for the stripper to be offset to 5 to 10 degrees opposite the spiral direction to bring the line down the center of the blank for easier line lay. With this setup your stripper guide need only be the smallest size that has enough height to keep line off the fore grip when the rod is loaded. Rarely is it over a size 20 for this with many working well using a 16 but ultimately depends on frame height.

    Stripper guide is one size. EVERY other guidewill be same size running guides and I never recommend going smaller than a size 10 ring mainly for line to leader commections which pass easily. A 20 stripper followed by size 10s the rest of the way does look funny, but it'll work berr than 12s since the 10 has a lower frame and stays nearer the blank.
  • Greyt EscapeGreyt Escape Posts: 326 Officer
    Thanks! I actually got the idea in my head from looking at your work and then seeing posts on the subject from years ago on rod building forums. I think I'm going to give it a try on my next rod. My wife has a lot of trouble with the side to side torque and I probably don't even realize how much more effort I am using to keep it straight. It just sounds like a great idea to have the line coming off the bottom. I like the idea of offsetting the stripper guide because I don't use level winding reels.

    Is there any preference as to which direction the spiral goes?
  • seanfishseanfish Posts: 254 Deckhand
    I personally spiral them to the left because most people lay line down with their left hand. With left hand retrieve reels, I spiral to the right since its opposite, but its not critical as to which way to go. Complete personal preference.

    For levelwinds its actually more critical to get the line coming down the center or it will bunch up on the side its favored to.

    You will also be amazed at how much easier it gets fighting fish. That said I have had a few people who like them but just cant seem to get past the traditional look and that's FINE. I can completely understand it as it took me a while to get used to it also.
  • Greyt EscapeGreyt Escape Posts: 326 Officer
    I don't mind the look especially since its my own handywork. I'm pretty excited! Ive never used one or seen one but I can imagine how itll be different. I upgraded the handle on one tld thinking that would help with the torque while cranking but not so much. I think this will help the most! I dont care if people look at me funny.
  • fishtale17fishtale17 Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    Sean built us 4 of them a couple of years ago and the perform great. Once you fish with one you will not want to go back the the conventional rod.
  • PP1PP1 Posts: 332 Deckhand
    seanfish wrote: »
    ....... it took me a while to get used to it also.

    Didn't take past that first heavy pull on the rod for me to see the light.......and it was one of the rods Sean built for a friend of mine.:cool:
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