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02" GMC Sonoma - 4.3L SLS - $1,500

2002 GMC Sonoma SLS
- 4.3L V6
- Extended Cab
- 5 Speed Manual
- ZQ-8 Suspension
- New Tires
- 150K Miles
- Well Maintained

- The wife got into a bit of a fender bender two weeks ago and I don't have the time or the energy to do the repairs. Please see the attached photos. The other driver (93 years old) hit her on the driver's side extended cab section. Truck still drives great, but you can hear the wind rush in through the door now. The roof is fading a little, but all in all in great shape.


I'm no expert, but everything looks straight and true from underneath. Obviously any damage should be assesed by a professional mechanic.


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