PC 7/31 Kingfish at 8a

Had more time to fish today but my early start was a bit delayed by a submarine heading out to sea. We had to go all the way down to the Church steeple to find any Pogeys. They were so close up on the beach - it seemed one wrong wave and we would be near aground ! - Reading a scant 4 foot on the sounder - one lucky toss of the net gave us plenty to fill the baitwell. Nice flat seas made the ride to 8a the nicest I've had this year - no pounding the hull was easy on my back ! There was maybe two dozen boats already on 8a and catching Kingfish when we arrived. We got out first average size keeper King within the first 15 minutes. Not long after that - a 3 foot shark. We were slow trolling the Pogeys and had several swing and a miss bites. Another nicer size King came in the boat - and it seemed the bite cooled off a bit. We were on 8a at 10 am - the third King finnally came in the boat around noontime. It was around then that it appeared a lot of boats were leaving - maybe because they already had their limits - or because the bite seemed to slow down. We had a few more bites that didn't get hooked - and quit by 1 pm. All in all - a nice day and some fish you can eat !


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