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Romney may not have paid ANY taxes for a decade!



  • rain dograin dog Posts: 3,245 Captain
    chubasco wrote: »
    Harry Reed said he was told that Romney has not paid any Federal Taxes in 10 years

    who gives a fricking sheet about harry reed? seriously .. are we supposed to be impressed by that looser?
  • heathenheathen Posts: 7,080 Officer
    Harry Reid is either a liar, or he is aiding and abetting a felon. Willfully disclosing the personal tax information of another is prohibited by Internal Revenue Code sections 7213,7213A and 7431 and is a felony in all 50 states.


    show us where reid displayed any of mittwit's taxes. please show us. i need a good laugh outta some "low information" republican today and you're providing it.

    i also note that CNN's Dana Bash says she has another source for reid's claim:

    Bash: "But I did speak, I just have to tell you, that I did speak to one source who’s very close to Senator Reid who claims to also know who this Bain investor is that Reid spoke with, and insists that this is a credible person and this person if we knew the name we would understand that they would have the authority and the ability to know about Romney’s tax returns. Whether we’ll find it out ever, who knows. But they’re doing this on purpose so that this is the discussion."

    mittwit is gonna get beat to death over his tax evasion and his partaking of the IRS swiss banking amnesty program back in 2009.

    note that mittwit could solve the whole issue if he'd just be the man his father was. but he ain't. and he's the republican candidate.

    ya'll enjoy him. i certainly have. :)
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