Vaca Cut Fishing

Hey i will be in marathon on Vaca cut next week and would like to do a bit of fishing off the dock when i am not lobstering and spearfishing. Last year i managed just a couple of tiny lane snappers. I was using cut up squid but i have access to pinfish or I am willing to buy just about any other kind of bait.
Any advice on what can be caught in the cut and what some good bait will be?


  • TeamTekeTeamTeke Posts: 972 Officer
    Vaca cut can have OK fishing, but it is not stellar. Fishing at night or very early mornings are best. Sharks, jacks, occasionally snook, look-downs, grunts and mangrove snapper are possible. Tarpon are in the cut at certain areas. Try the shadow line of the bridge at night for tarpon. If you are in a boat, beware of the of the extreme currents that flow there.

    I have heard that again, fishing at night on the bayside of Vaca Cut with chum could produce mangroves, but I have not tried it.

    Try using a some chum and FRESH, not frozen, dead bait. Capt. Hook's should have fresh dead ballyhoo. Live pinfish can work, live mullet if you can still find a few, live shrimp are small this time of year but should produce something. A bloody fresh fish head or carcass should produce a shark.

    Not sure where your dock is in the Cut. Could you also have access to a boat at night.
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  • Fusion94Fusion94 Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    we are on the bayside and ya I will have a boat down there. usually use it for bully netting but might take a night off to catch a few fish if possible.
    i will spear a few cudas and cut strips and chunks for a shark
    but a few keeper snappers would be great.
  • Yeaaa_ChrisYeaaa_Chris Posts: 554 Officer
    use a small live pinfish at night fished on the bottom. put in a little time, and you will pull out a few snappers, some having size to them.
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