I looked at a Bushmaster ORC that had a NCstar scope on it and thought I was getting thisbrand new gun for 700 +tax, but the guy selling it to me forgot about the mark up and the owner offered it to me for 1025 plus tax....

Tell me what you have in an ar15 that weighs less than 8 lbs.


  • stumpmanstumpman Posts: 154 Officer
    Build your own for around $500 or less depending on what you are after.
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  • yepuhuhyepuhuh Posts: 169 Officer

    Would you be interested in showing me how? I know nothing about this but I want a closet full of M1 M4 rifles in case I have to come out to your place and help defend. I can't shoot that many rounds in my bolt action 30.06

    Give me a shout sometime.
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