deep water bottom fishing in keys...

I while back I learned that there is some law that prohibits deep water fishing bottom fishing (like past 200' and inside 1,000 or something), but that there was a chance that the law was going to be changed.

If I'm not mistaken, it had something to do with a struggling warsaw stock down there, and folks targeting other grouper species and deep water fish MIGHT accidently kill a warsaw. I could be dreaming the reasoning for the law up, though.

Anyway, what's the status on this? I don't have any electric gear, but I have no problem hand cranking out to 250 or so, but I sure don't want to get in trouble. I'll be down there in a couple weeks for the second half of August. If dolphin fishing is tough (which I'm sure it will be in mid to late Aug), Id' like to at least put some dinner in the boat.


"Whatcha doin' in my waters?"


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