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  • showmanshowman Posts: 539 Officer
    Ferris, I don't think it would have happened as you say. Somehow, someone, somewhere would have figured a way to get that money out of the district it was raised in. Watching the news down here leads me to believe that the politicians were already ringing their hands in anticipation of getting all those millions of dollars to do with as they saw fit. It's when the politico's stop flapping their jaws that I start worrying about what they are behind closed doors doing. In 4 years (maybe a lot less), I expect this to come around again. I already expect the mill-rate to increase on my home and land (Lee County done said they don't want to but needs to even if a special option tax is passed). Matter of fact, I just got notification that my property tax is going up a little over $200/yr and the reason given was because property values had gone up around me. The pecan groves up the road are/have been sold off and new subdivisions are being built. So much for Deer and Turkey hunt'n out my back door.

    Sorry I got a little long winded here, but, I can't stand any new tax's on what little I have left.
  • FamilyfisherFamilyfisher Posts: 2,993 Captain
    Our county passed it, but it was defeated in the region. As for what it cost us...about 105M we'll never see for road widening and other improvements.
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  • hooknredshooknreds Posts: 2,461 Captain
    Bigfoot wrote: »
    small world, Fam farm out there RRP ran through it also, my Uncles Farm/Pond was a gem....you could catch fish all day long and some true lunker bass...we did allot of growing up out there...

    Near Dogwood and Tree?
  • BigfootBigfoot Posts: 9,383 Admiral
    hooknreds wrote: »
    Near Dogwood and Tree?

    don't know, was a kid and the last time out was in college - the beer goggles blurred the street signs, couple hundred acres....he snapped up land his whole life, before he passed at 96 years old. He had no kids, so he took me and my brothers fishin...just remember him breaking the news that the road was splitting his property...
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