UpInTheWater 7-30-2012

As always it is good to get home and on the agenda of things to accomplish included - yes fishing! even if the RS season was abruptly shutdown.

So the checklist was started
boat - check
gas - well we will fill that up after we wake up late and go to the corner station
bait - ok we'll spend two hours hunting it up, but hey its fishing so its fun! Big baits - big fish right?
ice - raid the nearest friends ice machine and pray for forgiveness later
crew - no problem - just call your friends and fire it up - even if we get a late start - just gives us more time for smack down -
Oh and lets not forget, we must check our feelings at the dock, because if you wanted a trip to improve your self esteem,
this wasn't the crowd to do it with ;)

So after the checklist was completed, we heading off shore to pick across the deeper water ledges and wrecks and see what is avail.
and of course check a few places on the way - then again I've heard they all need checking, - and this always involves
a few bubbles to be blown (at least that is the story line I continually hear chined in my ear as I round up on something pretty
- usually though they hear denied!)
But on this trip there was one that needed a little looking - h*ll we hauled all that tank weight around - might as well use it.

But in this case - that worked out very well and produced a Nice 60lb class fish.

then got down to the fishing buisness which produced a great class of fish and many smiles - and yes more smack!
Had to soak em a bit to get a bite, but we got one on most stops which produced one or more nice BGs, a few torn leaders, break-offs,
and yes more smack.

Had a great friend aboard visiting from overseas and even his hand proved not to be too rusty.

A great time had by all. Most important in the check list was the bait, it was critical to grind out the results.


  • KlingerKlinger Posts: 1,795 Captain
    Great catch! Lots of grouper fingers in that pile :thumbsup
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  • Capt. Mickey LockeCapt. Mickey Locke Posts: 113 Officer
    Thats as good as Grouper Fishing gets! Hellova Job!
  • IshIsh Posts: 797 Officer
    Nice work , That 60 made it well worth it !!!!
  • LilOrangeLilOrange Posts: 1,187 Officer
    HOLY COW!!! That's an awesome catch of grouper. That 60-pounder is a monster. What depth of water did you find them in? I'd say y'all had had a long evening of cleaning......but worth it. Hope your buddy from overseas enjoyed the fishing........Gulf of Mexico style.

    Livin' the Dream !
  • crcattypccrcattypc Posts: 632 Officer
    Not to downplay the beautiful grouper, but that is a stud triple tail you have there also! Must have been a 3x5 trip :) awesome!
  • stingwraystingwray On the creek Ga, Beach house FL.Posts: 758 Officer
    Nicely done and that's a beast of a gag. You have a PM
  • Split ShotSplit Shot Posts: 6,177 Admiral
    X 10 :beer
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,028 Moderator
    Heck of a haul there! Good job. What a great to have after how long you've been away from it. THat's a big boy for sure. What did he weigh exactly?That's a big for sure, and equally impressive if not more (in my opinion) is the overall class of fish.

    I'm curious how many spots you fished and in how big of an area... ????

    crcattypc wrote: »
    Must have been a 3x5 trip :) awesome!

    I don't think so!

    EDIT: Is that a tripple tail on bottom left? No way!
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • Hutch316Hutch316 Posts: 110 Officer
    Hats off for a haul like that. Theres a fine pile of Throats to come out of those fish,
    of course I wouldnt want to be the one cutting em all out but they sure do eat good!!!!
  • upinthewaterupinthewater Posts: 202 Officer
    triple tail - that is a triple tail on the left and right and yes it is a great class of triple tail

    grouper - it is a good class - even got the same the sunday before when just three of us went - but again I didn't take on-the water pics so I didn't post.. OK so I'm doing a little better at it, but we did have a great catch for just 3 of us last week (had a 41 and 53lb fish on that day- both shot no glory on the rod - but all the rest on r&r; full limit!)

    water depth 140 (diving) to 170 fishing. Number of stops is a hard number to nail down with me, anyone that has ever fished with me knows if I say "one more stop... or got one on the way home" means bait up...Even if it is catch and release at that point, I just want to look....always on the hunt or the next trip... but I'd say 15 stops did it...(some didn't look right so I tried a quick dip but moved on and didn't spend much time) . I think I enjoy the "hunt" part of it. Even times when I get a good bite 2 or three stops in a row, I start moving around a lot and don't give them much dip time since I get so excited to move on and see what the next one looks like. They all need looking :)

    Grouper was 60lbs on the hand scale.

    we covered about 7 miles.
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