Hard lesson learned at the wacasassa ramp

Went out for an early and quick trip at Waccasassa week before last. Was starting off good caught a couple small reds but nothing to keep. Thats ok explored some new areas and learned a good bit at low tide. Ran back to ramp took my time loading up since nobody was waiting. Backed trailer in like usual but couldve gone back just a bit more but I thought it'll be ok just ease the boat on. Start driving up and bam dead stop hit bottom. Couple things I learned ramp is pretty gradual drop and low water; second listen to instincts. Bent my super cupped prop pretty good. Well made a trip to Hogan brothers and Larry did it up right. Got the prop back looks great and runs great, can't even tell I tore it up. Always great and timely service there. Got it back in time for my trip to suwannee. Wanted to check out Magots hang out at Bills fish camp; always read about him staying there so had to check it out. Boat ran great and enjoyed the stay at the fish camp. Fishing wasnt so hot but did bring home a few trout for dinner; not one red.


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