fishing report, and what was I catching while trolling "Mid-shipmen"?

Just returned to North Texas (boat in tow) after a week in Islamorada, followed by a week in the Tampa Bay area.

The dolphin bite was disappointing (did not exist), but the grouper, yellow-tail, and Mangrove bite was good in the early morning (look for the commercial guys anchored on the reefs, they love it when you come fish on "Their Reefs".

Chum heavily, and use smaller hooks, and you should do well.

I was breaking out the fishing rods for the first time (didn't find any live bait to throw the net until we arrived on the reefs) after launching the boat, so I trolled in 12' of water North and North west of the light-house. I regret that I can't locate the picture (I know a picture was taken on one of 3 cameras), but we had something that appeared to be a 'toad-fish'/soulpin that hit 4" trolled mirror lures (light blue and red) and X-wraps (in green) trolled between 3 and 4mph. I have success trolling these in the North Gulf of Mexico for Dolphin on the weed lines.

I thought it was funny, how can a toad fish move fast enough from 12' down, in crystal clear water, to hit a trolled bait at nearly 4mph. I was informed that these were Mid-shipmen, but when I 'google' this species, it doesn't quite look like the same fish, as the fish we landed had nothing that resembled a lip.

I was informed that Mahi were being landed by the lighthouse (I don't believe it and saw no indication of them -no birds working-), However we did have a small Marlin jump 50 yards behind the boat in very shallow water. We stopped/slowed to view two turtles South of the light house... don't know why it jumped as all trolling gear was stowed in preparation for the run out to reefs.

I understand that these are some of the best table-fare in the area, so as a kind gesture (for my return trip next year) I released them, and only kept the less desirable yellow-tail and mangrove snappers :).
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