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How are the scallops at keaton beack

Im heading up this weekend, and I haven't seen any good reports. Is it worth the trip?


  • WTGreenWTGreen Posts: 214 Officer
    Yes. I have not been yet but I have seen some of the largest ones ever that have been harvested especially this early in the season. They are or were deep though.
  • DostahawkDostahawk Posts: 33 Greenhorn
    Took the kids on july 21 out of keaton. mostly worked the area back to the right out of the markers...between keaton and dekle...3-5' water. Tried the deeper water once. Scallops were scarce...we didnt find that many. Lots of boats all around...didnt get the sense they were finding many either. Water was clear/good temp, good weather, etc....had a big time....just didnt find that many
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