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new to orlando area looking for some advice

hey everyone. moving down to orlando florida soon for college. im an avid freshwater and saltwater fisherman here in NJ and know quite a bit about saltwater fishing in florida but no so much about freshwater. been doing alot of research but most of it seems geared towards fishermen with bass boats. im a college student so much to my disappointment the chance of me getting my hands on a boat are slim to none lol. so i was wondering if anyone had any tips or pointers for me regarding bass fishing from the shore in orlando. looking at the conway lake chains because ive heard they were very good. but would fishing from the shore be possible? i heard there was alot of private property and lake front houses surrounding them. i have my chest high waders i use for surf fishing but i could use them to wade out into the lake if you think i have a better chance doing that.

also what are you guys using for bait? up here literally all i use is spinnerbaits, topwater, and senko worms on offset hooks because thats the only thing they go for in the lakes around me. i feel like its generally the same and i have plenty of other tackle but every area has a specific bait that does well.

you guys can PM if you dont feel like leaving a public message or whatever you prefer and ANY advice is greatly appreciated.

Good luck fishing and hope to hear from someone soon! :)


  • TedPTedP Posts: 90 Greenhorn
    Try fishing some retention ponds with the same bait you fished up north. Watch your step in the tall grass. And personally, I wouldn't wade a lake or pond. Others might, but I won't.
  • Bass2bucksBass2bucks Posts: 654 Officer
    Butler chain, johns lake, Harris chain, Kissimmee chain, st johns river. All are within an hour of Orlando. Are you going to ucf? If so they hve a fishing club that rents kayaks etc for free to fishing club members.
  • LeeHLeeH Posts: 121 Officer
    Spinnerbaits, Topwaters, Plastic worms and Flukes will catch Bass in any Florida Lake or river. Wading most Florida lakes isnt advisable to much vegitation, mucky soft bottoms, large reptiles with teeth! If your budget is limited I would recomend a Kayak or Canoe they open up a world of possibilities and are perfect for the Orlando area small lakes and rivers.
  • RemoteRedsTroutRemoteRedsTrout Posts: 408 Deckhand
    I think 75% of pond fishing is finding good ponds, I talked about it some in this thread: http://forums.floridasportsman.com/showthread.php?57989-New-to-freshwater-St-Pete-area I generally don't like really "retentiony" looking ponds but have had plenty of luck in ugly ponds

    I do not own a boat or canoe (I live on the 3rd story of my apartment building) and fish mostly "medium sized" ponds, some I might consider small lakes. I havent had much luck fishing average sized lakes, mixed luck from docks. Most lakes I have fished have only a small amount of accessible shoreline due to private property/thick vegetation.

    The best time of year for finding new ponds is during the spawn. (as early as late january to about mid may) Walk around the bank with good polarized sunglasses and youll be able to get a good idea of the bass population and average size by seeing them on the beds. Best time to do this is midday for best visibility and around a full or new moon but I have had some of my best days nowhere near a full or new moon.

    For pond fishing with lures, I like using flukes and senkos especially in clearer water, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and assorted topwater, and carolina and texas rigged worms. My friend has had alotta luck on suspending jerkbaits namely the rapala x-rap. i feel like im forgetting some big ones

    p.s. - Ive caught most of my bigger fish on livebait, but there are several members on this forum that destroy it with lures in ponds.
    oh and around the time I really started getting into bass fishing I didnt really think thered be too many big fish in medium sized ponds, but there is. My best 5 bass stringer during the spawn was 35.25 lbs with biggest fish being 8lb 2oz I believe. Me and my friend have caught what is probably the same 8.75lber and other large bass in a pond that is 350ft X 200ft
  • kodiakzachkodiakzach Posts: 6,079 Admiral
    Black Senkos, Black Zoom Trick Worms, Watermelon Red Flake Zoom Super Flukes, Green 1/2 oz Football Jigs, Zoom Horny Toads, and free-lined live BlueGill (palm size or smaller) --- is literally all you need in your tackle box. If you use braid, use a 4-8 ft florocarbon leader.
  • trolling4redstrolling4reds Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Get yourself a small kayak or canoe. Try Craig's List. The problem with most of the local lakes is that they are either surrounded by homes or thick brush. However, there are lots of lakes that have limited access through a park and don't allow motorized boats. Try searching through the WWW for access an maps. Compared to NJ bass fishing you are in an0other world, twice as many, twice as big and year round.
  • GrillaGGrillaG Posts: 1,260 Officer
    haha, central florida is the Bass fishing Capital of the world, Orlando and surrounding areas are full of ponds, lakes loaded with bass
    Lake O, St. Johns River and a ton of other places within driving distance, don't count out your neighborhood ponds tho, some are hotspots
    rubber worms(grape, black), chug bugs or beetle spins
    live shiners are the absolute best
  • Austins26Austins26 Posts: 1,989 Captain
    Every lake/pond up an down I-4 is loaded with fish. Fish em before daybreak or dusk into nite. (pull your car/truck) 150-200ft min off the interstate. (don't worry about hiding the car/truck) it's so dark one will ever notice it
    No boat needed. They're all well maintained (mowed right up to the water in most cases)

    Google earth within 4 miles from where you will be living an you'll find more Fishable water than you. CAn imagine

    In my opinion you do not really need a boat or kayak. It's nice but realistically there a hassle when your living in an apartment. Storage is always an issue

    All the above are excellent choices for lures. bass are bass flukes, worms, cranks, topwater, frog, rattle traps type baits, spinner baits, X-Rap's, any color they all catch fish

    don't over look any lake/pond. fish then a few times before you cross them off your list. most will hold decent fish Hunters Creeks, The Mall at Millenia (the lake right next to the mall) I've landed numerous 5-6lbs bass outta that lake to the shock of Mall shoppers)

    google earth your location. You'll find plenty of fishable water
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