Big ol' Blackfin

My girlfriend caught this fish yesterday out of Panama City in about 110' of water. She baited her hook, cast the line and reeled the fish in all on her own, so she was pretty proud (as was I :cool:). The fish hit a live sardine flat lined about 50 ft. behind the boat. Got kind of lucky because when I first saw color, about 50 ft. down, I said "aw darn, it's a jack" and put the gaff away. She started horsing it pretty hard at that point until I saw what it really was (about 15' below the boat.) The mood changed dramatically at that point and after a 25 minute battle, Alicia landed her first BlackFin tuna. This is the biggest one I've ever personally seen as well. Weighed in at just shy of 25 lbs on an accurate scale back at the dock. Caught some gag and red grouper, dolphin, and other assorted fish as well, but didn't have much time for pics as the action was non stop all day.

I gotta say, this is BY FAR the tastiest fish I've ever caught. I thought Cobia was my favorite, but this one blew it out of the water.


Nice red grouper

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  • RareRare Posts: 248 Deckhand
    Great job on your girlfriend landing a very nice BFT.
  • crcattypccrcattypc Posts: 632 Officer
    That is a great BFT for this area in so shallow... awesome! And they are almost as good as YFT if eaten that day... sushi!!!
  • fishawkfishawk Posts: 257 Deckhand
    Really good blackfin. WTG
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  • diverritediverrite Posts: 166 Deckhand
    Great job, my girls can do that also.

    I just got into town Sat, going to put the boat in on Monday, Do you have any tips which way to go, I have all of the pub numbers but don't know which to use and which is covered over.

    Good eating to ya,
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  • KlingerKlinger Posts: 1,786 Captain
    That's a good blackfin for anywhere,but especially that shallow:Rockon

    The only blackfin I have caught here was in 175'. Seems we are catching more of the species normally found South of here. We actually caught a couple of big Mutton Snapper toward the last of the Snapper season.
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  • BeckBeck Posts: 2,332 Captain
    Awesome! Great BFT!
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,028 Moderator
    Way to go!

    Is that your boat? Cosmetically it looks great in the pics. Everything working well below decks now?
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  • LilOrangeLilOrange Posts: 1,187 Officer
    That blackfin is awesome! I'd go nuts if I caught that.....especially since your description sounds similar to our fishing (depths & rig). Congrats!

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  • Hutch316Hutch316 Posts: 110 Officer
    Nice BF!! She should be very proud. I pulled the same stunt in the spring a put the gaff up on a Black fin thinking it was a big BoBo!!
  • upinthewaterupinthewater Posts: 202 Officer
  • KayakMacGyverKayakMacGyver Posts: 1,005 Officer
    Thanks guys. We at good for 4 days off that fish and still have half in the freezer. Going to spend some time really targeting blackfin and dolphin over the weekend, maybe we'll get lucky.

    PH, we got the boat back on working order. Thanks for the compliments. For a 13 year old boat, I definitely think she's a 10z. About 20 hours on her since we had the work done and seems to be running great. I'm trying to put as much time in as I can to get any of the bugs worked out. The last owner just didn't run it enough, which is why I'm dealing with all these repairs. 300 hours in 13 years....sitting is a boats worst enemy.

    Hopefully these thunder boomers let off for the weekend ...or at least go back to a normal pattern. This lighting crap is no bueno
    They Can't Us "You Should Have Been There Yesterday"...........Because We Were!
  • PONCEPONCE Posts: 5,943 Officer
    Awesome job
  • donald811donald811 Posts: 479 Deckhand
    Nice BF Mac, I caught 1 at the whistle bouy one time. Was'nt that big though!
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  • ranamanranaman Posts: 319 Officer
    Great Job Alicia!! NICE BFT!!
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