3 rifles for sale

all rifles are for sale separately

top photo is the enfield. It has been sold

#1 IAB 45/70 " Old Reliable Sharps" falling block rifle, excellent condition-600.00

#2- russian 59/66 sks tradedCH=CONFIG]42435[/ATTACH]


  • hoghunter1hoghunter1 Posts: 220 Deckhand
  • Larry MacLarry Mac Posts: 5,465 Admiral
    And #3 is?
  • hoghunter1hoghunter1 Posts: 220 Deckhand
    sorry- it is the sks- forgot to change numbers when I sold the enfield
  • hoghunter1hoghunter1 Posts: 220 Deckhand
    today only, the sharps will go for 525.00, and the sks for 275.00. If both are not sold by monday eve, they will go back in the safe. If you want to offer a decent trade other than a bp gun, bow, or shotgun for the sharpes, let me know. I am partial to marlins of equal value, but only those stamped with JM on the barrel.
  • mcouture11mcouture11 Posts: 39 Deckhand
    Hey Hoghunter1

    Just an FYI, Your SKS is not a Russian SKS, it is a Yugoslavian 59/66 SKS. Regardless, it is one of the best SKS's you can get.

    Do you have the original wood furniture?

    In this mix-match condition it really decreases in value. I've picked up a few new un-issued Yugo 59/66 SKS in beautiful condition at gun shows this past year for under $300. However, if you had the original wood and then threw in the extra stock and such.. it's a good value as listed.
  • hoghunter1hoghunter1 Posts: 220 Deckhand
    yes, I do have the wood stock
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