Cedar Key 7/27 Fish ID needed

Well Cherie and I hit the ramp for a real test with the boat. Carb issues have really been a problem, but our first test worked out good so after sitting a week, we arrived at the ramp early. Boy you can tell Chuck (mtn.man) is no longer around. Boats moored almost the full length of the dock with hardly a place to tie up when you launched.
At any rate, boat started like a charm and we idled out to a bit more wind that we wanted. With water high we hit the east side of Atsena Otie to try for some reds. Finally got a nice little hit and pulled in this keeper flounder.

After a couple more drifts with Cher catching two puppy Reds and me getting a hit from another flounder, which didn't make it to the boat :banghead, we decided to move out to deeper water.

We started catching these fish, not sure what they were?? Maybe Fishin Rod and Poppadock can offer some insight :huh

I even managed to add one to the cooler. Lots of grass out there. Caught alot of smaller ones of these fish, along with grunts, sea bass, ladyfish, flounder, bluefish, sharks and a couple small reds.

With the tide moving out and we drove around a bit to see how the boat would do. Ran great. Hopefully we will get back out there soon again and try to catch more of these strange fish. :grin

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