Mini Season KCB with lots of pics

TeamTeke flew back down to our home in KCB to enjoy what would be our first Mini-Season. Although we have owned our home since 2001, we have not been here for the big event. With the addition of a couple of hardy, younger diving friends all things came out well. We took limits on both days, easily on the first, but had to work somewhat on the second.

A BIG,BIG thanks goes out to forum friend FishNitro who shared some numbers with me. His spot #2 on opening morning had 33 lobsters in it. Two large holes/cracks out in the bay. Of the 33 bugs, we had 19 keepers. By 19am Wednesday we had our limit and back at the dock for a huge breakfast that included lobster omelets with Hollandaise sauce. We have really eaten a lot of lobster over the last few days.

For my first mini I thought the situation was well controlled, but we did stay away from the crowds. I am now hooked and would not miss this event in the future. Enjoy the pics:

Friends Sean and Tim


Spanish lobster- these do not count against your limit- it was released

Day 1 harvest:



Day 2 harvest:

On the grill:
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  • KlingerKlinger Posts: 1,726 Captain
    Glad to see the pickins are good this year! I'm pulling the boat down this week for a 5 week stay. I think the house we rent is across the canal from your place, so if you are still there, will have you over for a beverage or three :beer
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  • urbanRenewalurbanRenewal Posts: 395 Officer
    nice work Ron. You sticking around for a while?
    Capt. Tom Urban, "urbanRenewal", Cudjoe Key, FL
  • Got TA GoGot TA Go Posts: 2,608 Captain
    Nice catching! :beer

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  • flbluerunnerflbluerunner Posts: 703 Officer
    Hey Ron,
    Great start on another addiction. We get hooked on them often.
    John :USA
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  • TeamTekeTeamTeke Posts: 955 Officer
    nice work Ron. You sticking around for a while?

    We fly back Aug. 10. Will return in late October.
    Happiness is the journey, not the destination.
  • sparse greysparse grey Posts: 1,751 Captain
    Ron Conner Release the fish, keep the memories. Once a Knight is enough.
  • CaptBillCaptBill Posts: 271 Officer
    Fine catch and photos. Congratulations!
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