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Can it be fished from a 18ft boat and do I want to fish the cut or the rock jetties?


  • eddiejoeeddiejoe Posts: 602 Officer
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    Can it be fished from a 18ft boat and do I want to fish the cut or the rock jetties?

    West Pass doesn't have jetties, you are probably thinking about Sikes Cut. At the Cut, fish either, depending on the tidal flow. Some folks like to drift the cut when the tide is running fairly slowly, then anchor up when it gets faster either inside the jetties or around the edges. There are some serious rocks inside the cut itself on the bottom that can make getting an anchor out a chore if the tide is running fast. If you anchor in the sand just outside the jetties, made sure you have good scope to hold you away from the rocks. If the anchor starts to slip you will need to move fast to start up and power to safety. Also, fishing in the inside means losing rigs to the rocks fairly frequently.

    Even so, the Cut is a good fishing spot and an 18' boat is fine, as long as the overall sea conditions are favorable in the bay and in the Gulf. Light to moderate chop in the Bay, 1-2 in the Gulf is O.K., but watch for swells, which can be a bear when you are on the outside.


  • Circle-HookCircle-Hook Posts: 503 Officer
    Anchoring in the cut can be down right dangerous. Beside the fish expect their dinner to come to them as they layup in the ripples in the sand bottom. Live bait- pilcher or pinfish- on a fish finder drifted along the bottom will get you a red.
    West pass is at the far west end of Little SGI. There are no rocks, it is deep- 40' plus and swift when the tide is running. It is known for sharks and a few carpoon.
    If you are going that far down the bay, try St Vincents dry bar on an out going tide for trout and reds, few blue too.
  • illinoisfishermanillinoisfisherman Posts: 5,312 Admiral
    Try east pass and around the back of Dog and St George to either side of it.
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