anything happinin around steinshoe bch

i havent been up that way in awhile i have freinds from out of town here and was thinking of going in the morning and look for some scallops and trout.anyone had any luck lately? havent seen many reports.
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  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 5,394 Admiral
    Wish I could give you one but been too busy at work, going to Atlanta this WE :(
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  • Kids Ate My BaitKids Ate My Bait Posts: 1,038 Officer
    Heard the water was a little murky. That was around monday @ HSB :shrug
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  • tommyr904tommyr904 Posts: 574 Officer
    Sat the water was dirty so I just rode around,I did talk with the new game warden and he told me most everyone he checked had less than 2 gals.15 or so boats
  • Red SledRed Sled Posts: 85 Greenhorn
    out of HSB, went to pepperfish keys and water was murky. had to go even further north. got a little over 2 gallons. got rained out.
  • G8trbaitG8trbait Posts: 126 Deckhand
    It wasn't good.....We were at pepperfish and up to bull cove. I think we ended up with 22 total :cry
  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,923 Captain
    I struck out around Hagen's Cove myself.
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