CR 7/24 SNOOKERED again!!

Well last Friday when I was feeling my oats from catching some big Snook, I was razzing my friend Capt Robbie. I told him he shoulda been there, even he might have caught one! Not to be outdone, he sent me this picture from Saturdary 7/21 of a big Snook he caught while fishing with his wife on a bar that is at least a mile from any land on his secret hard jerk bait.
We decided to go out Tuesday for some topwater to see if we could combine our skills. :grin The first place we stopped, where we had not fished before, I caught this nice mid slot Snook on a Skitterwalk. Didn't measure him but it was a fun 3 jumper under 30". (no laughing at the hat!!)
A couple minutes later Robbie hooks a nice Snook, but it un-plugs after a short fight...bummer. Well for the next couple hours we beat alot of water looking for Reds, but coming up empty....Not like some people....Troutman.. We found very little mullet activity for some reason and were fishing pretty far back with the high water, but maybe the fish moved out with all the fresh water from Sunday rains.
Finally stopped by a Snook area & I hooked a nice big Snook. After a couple jumps, I had it up beside the boat, but it had another run in it and this time it came unplugged. No 2 Snook repeat today! Had fun and beat the weather back...sort of.


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