Scalloping question

My parents live in Dunnellon (sp?), and I take my dad fishing out of Yankeetown all the time. My question is, has anyone ever done any scalloping in the Withalacoochee(sp?) Bay north of Yankeetown? I have fished a large grass flat out there west of the oyster reefs and was just wondering.
If your not living on the Edge, you are taking up to much space.


  • sEA aRKERsEA aRKER Inglis fl.Posts: 123 Deckhand
    I have seen scallops NW of the trout stake about 1 mile +or- but the water up there isn't clear enough this time of the year, you can barely see bottom in three or four ft. but there are some beautiful grass flats in that area, I would head south and look for the flotilla berween Gomez Rocks and the St. Martins Keys. Good Luck
  • windysurferwindysurfer Posts: 95 Deckhand
    We stayed at Yankeetown last year and the locals told us they were geting scallops north at the trout flats (about 7miles), we tried all over the place and never found a one. The water was clear and we found some shells but no scallops in 2' - 10'. This year were staying at the same place and plan on going south past the crowd.
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