Destin next Week!

Louisiana Comeing to the Beach!
Whats biten?
Trying to find out what to bring for Offshore and bay?
Plan to fish everyday.
Would appreciated any advice and suggestions.
Fishing Destin is different from SW Louisiana


  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,016 Moderator
    You have a boat?

    Trout and reds won't be quite as easy as you're used to (at least that would be my best guess). For the bay side I'd focus on early and late, and if you can time that with the first couple hours of new tide, then all the better. I trout fish a little different than some folks... I mostly live bait fish, but even when I do use artificials I fish the same areas. Summer time I'd look for good health grass bads in a little bit deeper water than you might look for in the spring. Say 4-6'. Much deeper than 6' and the grass thins out due to lack of sun. If you can find some 5' grass beds you hsould be in business, especially if it's next to a steep drop off into the sandand deepr water. If you can find sandy holes in the grass beds, get ready for some flounder. Anyway, fish that stuff early and late if you can.

    Offshore an easy and reliable target will be kings. Trigger are still open in state waters and you can also add gags and red grouper to the mix. Quite a few cobia have been coming off nearshore natural bottom, too.

    One thing to consider is maybe leaving some of your tackle at home and buying some over here. When you do, don't be bashful about asking the guy you just bought form to point you in the right direction. They as much as anybody else want you to go fishing and have a good time. If it wasn't for happy fishermen after good trips, they'd be out of business!

    Good luck and let us know how you do.
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • KaJonKaJon Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    21' Bayboat
    Are you able to catch live shrimp w/cast net or where is best place to buy?
    What baits do you recommend for grouper, cobia & kings?
    How far out or what to look for?
    I do have alot of reef waypoints marked are any better this time of year?
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    Most of the close wrecks and reefs have been hammered pretty hard because we just got over Snapper season. Kings should not be any problem at all, just slow troll live bait around the bouys. Cobia are still being caught around the close in wrecks and big rocks with live bait. Grouper will be a serious challenge with your range but not impossible. All the M-60 tanks hold a few Grouper along with some of the bigger ledges.
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    Fishing beautiful Destin / Ft Walton Beach area!

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  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,016 Moderator
    I do not imagine you'd have much success tryhing to net shrimp. Need to buy those, but for king / grouper / cobes, I"d live the shrimp at home anyway for the gulf. Unless you just want small out of season snapper, grunts and white snapper.

    Considering the time of year and size of boat, it's probably best bet is to focus on kings and then hope to pick up a bonus fish or two. Bait (cigars, herring) is 100% here. That being said, rather than fishing strucure scattered far and wide for kings (works well in spring when they're crusing more), I'd find some higher relief stuff that holds lots of bait. Kings will be nbear bait.

    You can slow troll live ones, but I'd rather anchor up and flatline live ones, and then drop dead ones back (they'll slowy sink and cover the water column). Even at day break, the kings might hold deep.

    One option while you're doing this is to chum a little. Pretty good chance if you're on a high relief public number near lots of scatter bottom, a cobe might show up. Be ready for him. August, so you can pretty much forget about a jig. Have a nice sized circle hook on some 60# new flouro and a good live bait ready to go. WHne oyu see him, hook that live bait (hard to beat a hardtail) in the butt and flip him in the general vicinity. I"d fish it in freespool. YOu probably won't see the fish eat because tha tbait is going to dive. Let him dive and when line just starts peeling out, throw her in gear and hold rod steady. Fish on.

    Other beauty of being on anchor is you can soak some bottom baits. Maybe pick up a grouper, or if in you're in clsoe a black sea bass, maybe a lane snapper, or a beeliner or two.

    Once the king bite slows down, then take what biats you have left and go hit some deeper water number. NOthing special about deep, it's jsut that deep typically means farther from pass, which means less pressure.

    If destin is at ALL like PC these past copule years, I think there's a lot to be said for the 8-10 mile stuff. Next summer I won't fish my 15-30 mile stuff at all. With no snappers, no trigger, etc, it was not long before the 8-12 hour head boats just pounded the big pieces of bottom at that range. I sure wish we could catch one of everything year round. IT would stop this MAD RUSH on whategver species is allowed. Of course end goal is to make none of them allowed, so I guess what I see on the water doens't really matter when that's the goal.

    Anyway, leave the kings and then maybre go just hold up on some nubmers and soak a few live baits and big cut baits. You should be able to pick up a gropuer or two.

    One other option.... since your'e going to be number bouncing with no idea which one will produce better than the next, I'd pull the boat back and troll some stuff from spot to spot while keeping my eyes glued to the machine. YOu might pick up another king, who knows... potentially even a wahoo... and you might find that pair of washing machines that hasn't been hit this year.

    Good luck.
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
  • KaJonKaJon Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the Great info, hopeing to put a youngster that would rather fish than eat
    on a few good fish. I will post progress next week!
    Again I truly appreciate your help!!!
    God Bless and Good FishN!!!
  • acarbacarb Posts: 2,357 Captain
    You can buy live pinfish at Harbourwalk Marina. You need to take cash as the dock guys use the bait money for tips. Use #4 and #6 redeye sabiki rigs on small spinning stuff between the bridge and pass for cigs and sardines. Slow troll the cigs naked or with a duster and kings will not be a problem. Chicken dolphin are near shore but every little school i have run accross have had lockjaw.Halfhitch bait and tackle in destin has a decent map and most of the numbers are accurate. The aj bimini number on their map holds grouper but live bait is the key there.You happen to catch a small pogie or such, tail hook it and wait.Mr grouper will be there shortly.Panhandler is 100% correct on the trolling between # thing. I have found a couple nice #s .I hope yall have a safe and fun time. GOOD LUCK
  • PCFisherPCFisher Posts: 269 Officer
    The FWC site has a good list of public numbers, at least its something to start with.
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