Big bass in small ponds!!!

So i haven't been on the forum in a loooooong time but now im back and im here to tell you one thing....I've been recently getting my friends interested in fishing because all they talk about are video games and social media stuff so I told them if you know what your doing fishing can never be boring. Anyway I took them fishing at a local pond where I know I can get them hooked up with some small bass to get them hooked and after a couple of minutes with a weightless senko wacky rigged both of them got hooked up it was a double and they couldn't believe it.... even though the fish were averaging 1-2lbs I could tell they were getting really interested in fishing. So I told them "do you guys wanna get serious and catch some monsters?" they said hell yeah so i went to my secret spot #1 which happened to be in one of their neighborhoods and got hooked up with some nice size bass ....of course I caught the biggest one of the day to show off a little lol
the first picture is with me with a 6-7lb bass caught on a huddleston 6 inch trout the middle one on a white double blade spinnerbait and the last on a topwater popper I can officially say i now have fishing buddies that are addicted to fish for bass the next step is to get some saltwater action with them :thumbsup
Let's go fishing!


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