just me and my gheenoe...

dropped my gheenoe in the old neighborhood lake this mornin...fished 2 hrs and caught 3 fish..missed 2 others..this one here was the biggest at around 3.5-4lbs...tryin again tomorrow..

quick question...i threw my cast net the other day hoping for some shiners...i caught some smaller baitfish that looked almost like a greenback..they had a big black dot around the gill area..they were small at around 3-4 inches in length...anyone know what these are?? i ran into a small school of them and had around 50 or so in my net..as i was throwing them back in they were getting hammered on the surface almost as fast as they were hitting the water...was thinking of trying some live bait and i was curious what these were..this is a freshwater pond with a tiny brackish canal that leads into it..i heard a story of a small tarpon being caught in the lake..


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