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  • Grumpy?Grumpy? Posts: 86 Deckhand
    Grumpy again.
    Anybody want to fish out of Homestead Bayfront Park.
    23 foot Mako .
    Let me know.

  • Canucks123Canucks123 CanadaPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    Hey Guys,

    I'm Here until December 31 and I'm near Haulover and can meet where needed with my gear. Hear on vacation but i'm very easy going i'll fish for whatever you have an itch for and am an experienced fisherman from Canada. Willing to split expenses and have a very big itch to get out where I'm from there is snow on the ground and seeing open water would be awesome to get out. 
  • BuckstlkrBuckstlkr MIPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    I will be in Pompono Beach near Hillsborough inlet 1/17 - 1/22 will split cost of trip with someone that fishes that area.  Will drive further North or south also.  I have a lot of Great Lakes fishing experience but love saltwater fishing also.

  • GhostRiderGhostRider Posts: 69 Greenhorn
    anyone in the miami area wanting to go fish the cuban hole area? 
    fish on the brain ; pirate in the blood
  • SharkbaitUSCGSharkbaitUSCG Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    I have a 21’ contender. I’m off work Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Looking for one or two guys who have local offshore experience. I’m active duty coast guard stationed in miami. I live in sunrise but I grew up in Melbourne and the offshore fishing out of PE is tough sometimes. Help with gas and other expenses would be helpful.   I’ll take you fishing, please bring some knowledge.
    mike 3214265084
  • gaviotagaviota floridaPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    Ft. Pierce offshore fishing partners wanted
    must be experienced offshore fisherman with sea legs, help maintain equipment, clean, buy bait and fuel, etc.

    32' Pursuit, twin 225s
    bottom fishing for snapper, grouper, etc.
    reef fishing for snapper, kings, sierra, shark, cobia, etc.
    trolling for mahi, sails, tuna, kings, etc.

  • catchemupcatchemup Posts: 400 Deckhand
    edited March 2019 #128
    Fishing Crew Member Invited
    - may not be PC but here goes:
    -opportunity for young guy who loves fishing and boating
    -fish with a couple of experienced senior anglers
    -its a mix of being an angler and “third" mate
    -most of the trip will be your personal fishing time 
    -little or no baiting, rigging, or fish cleaning
    -great opportunity to learn from a seasoned angler
    -you’ll be needed to  help with routine items like load/unloading a 33ft day cruiser...giving a  wash down etc
    -sometimes weekend and sometimes midweek trips, come when available
    -berthed at Keystone Marina, NMB
    -no costs to share
    -if interested send me a PM with your contact info
  • MarktheSharkMarktheShark Boynton BeachPosts: 6 Deckhand
    Have 25' Bluewater CC located in Boynton Beach, looking for enthusiastic fishing buddy or buddies

    -Above all, enjoys fishing and wants to go often!

    -Shares in the gas money

    -Equipment not needed but would be nice

    -Helps clean boat after trips

    -I work weekdays and fish weekends, not too many vacation days this year but I take the occasional day off to fish

    -Mostly trolling, but also reef, kite fishing (lack experience), Lack sword fishing gear right now for but that is my favorite. 

    PM me your contact info and let's do this!
  • lorellanalorellana Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    I Don't mind sharing expenses, always down to fish, for any species any place. Willing to be that mate that helps with everything so you can focus on being the captain(haha) Feel free to text or call - 786 203 7299
  • CoastalCatchCoastalCatch Lighthouse PointPosts: 515 Officer
    edited November 2019 #131
    Looking for a congenial fishing buddy for am or pm trips out of Hillsboro inlet WEEKDAYS!  

    -Shares in expenses - $25

    -Equipment not needed but bring a couple of your favorites 

    -You can chop chum and clean boat after

    -Trolling, drifting, reef, and kite fishing depending on conditions

    -No cursing or using Jesus name in a derogatory way or you walk back to the boat ramp!

     Message me your contact info and let's make it happen!

    Nb. If you need to know the make and length of my boat, and how many motors,..I won't waste my time responding!

    'The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.' ~ George Orwell

  • TheNSBkidTheNSBkid Boca RatonPosts: 70 Deckhand
    Hello fellow Anglers, I just moved down to Boca Raton to attend FAU and I am itching to go fishing! I just moved down from the Orlando area. We have a 27ft scout we take regularly offshore to troll, bottom fish, and spearfish. I've been fishing since I've remembered and have worked as a deckhand in NSB and Belize. I have a small amount of offshore gear with me and multiple spearguns and dive gear. I have no problem with providing my part for expenses, cleaning or any other activities that must be addressed. My name is Clovis and you can reach me at 407-619-5521. Thank you!
  • tarponMiketarponMike Miami Posts: 8 Greenhorn
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    Rod Busting Charters 
  • Grumpy?Grumpy? Posts: 86 Deckhand
    Grumpy again .
    Old man old boat.
    Homestead Bayfront. 
    I swear the Dolphin fishing is better in the fall than like it use to be in spring.
    Text me 786 595 3599.
    Same old same old. 

  • Grumpy?Grumpy? Posts: 86 Deckhand
    786 797 3599.
    I posted the wrong cell #
    No wonder no bikini models showed up.
    You want to go we put something together.  

  • mboymboy Posts: 34 Greenhorn
    Experienced fisherman with TONS of gear in Kendall. Looking to fish, chip in with expenses, cleaning etc. 

    786 4 90 5 9 6 5
  • MTcoolerMTcooler Pompano BeachPosts: 26 Deckhand
    edited December 2020 #137
    Looking for a fishing mate to meet at Alsdorf Park boat ramps in Pompano Beach

    - Trolling, drifting, and kite fishing depending on live bait and conditions
    - Shared expenses $40 ...  $60 if chasing mahi in the gulf-stream

    Letz make it happen..WEEKDAYS!
  • crackerscrackers Ft lauderdalePosts: 1 Greenhorn
    MTcooler said:
    Looking for a fishing mate to meet at Alsdorf Park boat ramps in Pompano Beach

    - Trolling, drifting, and kite fishing depending on live bait and conditions
    - Shared expenses $40 ...  $60 if chasing mahi in the gulf-stream

    Letz make it happen..WEEKDAYS!
    Hey MTcooler I am visiting South Florida from January 3rd-10th visiting from up north. Have a lot of experience fishing but not a ton in south florida maybe I can impart some up north knowledge. Happy to share expenses and bring lunch! Let me know if we can make something happen. 
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