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  • SaltH2OSportsmanSaltH2OSportsman Posts: 148 Deckhand
    Did I mention I work for free.
  • GamekillaGamekilla Posts: 461 Officer
    Petealan wrote: »
    Would your gf come alone? :rotflmao

    i guess i was asking for that one
  • SaltH2OSportsmanSaltH2OSportsman Posts: 148 Deckhand
    Is there any boat I could come on and work for free?
  • remel1993remel1993 Posts: 536 Officer
    Hey my names Amir. College student off in the summer and looking to go fishing. Im not experienced with boats, just catching fish. Im good at catching live bait with cast nets. Anytime of the day and anywhere in the south florida area.
    Willing to help pay for gas cost.

    If I dont answer my phone call, either Im fishing or riding my motorcycle. -Salty Bike Life
  • HeartNShoalHeartNShoal Posts: 937 Officer
    Is there any boat I could come on and work for free?

    What kind of inshore species do you know how to target? I offer a free spot on my boat for an experienced inshore fisherman who can offer knowledge about redfish, tarpon, snook, trout. I fish Flamingo, Biscayne, 10,000 islands.
  • carlitoswaycarlitosway Posts: 47 Deckhand
    Responsible and Available mate/fisherman/in the tri county area. Carlito - 7545815454.
  • saltlife4lifesaltlife4life Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    looking for some experienced anglers to fish with in fort laurdale to hilsboro inlet. My name is mike 945-701-9239
  • mikeymikey Posts: 38 Deckhand
    Experienced mate with spots out of hillsboro inlet. Will help you catch fish. My name is mikey, my number is 954-913-0660
  • Ludwigia73Ludwigia73 Posts: 237 Officer
    Here's a good one for ya! I have a boat, I'm in need of a truck to tow it with! I'm not far from being able to afford a truck, but for now, it's sitting idle. I'm dying to take my new boat fishing, fully rigged for trolling, and even a deep drop setup (manual so far, not electric), but I'd like to hook up with someone that has a tow vehicle that would like to go fishing. We could split gas and bait. I have a 24' sailfish walkaround with a 350 volvo penta duoprop, outriggers, nice fishfinder/chartplotter combo, I have some detailed charts, and I spent a month getting it ready! I meant to have it in the water today for the first time (other than my checkout ride), but the truck I had lined up fell through. Anyone interested, let me know what kind of tow vehicle you have, it needs to be able to handle around 7500 lbs. Also, if you're interested, make sure you give me your phone number.
    I have a 2 year old, so my schedule's a bit screwy, but Saturdays or Sundays are our best bet. I'd like to get out next weekend. (20th or 21st) My ideal first trip is to drag some baits for dolphin/tuna, then come in for some grouper/snapper starting in 200 foot, maybe try a wreck or small hump (I've drifted before, done pretty well, never tried to anchor up on a wreck).
  • floridanickfloridanick Posts: 174 Officer
    I fish, I detail, I have a pretty good collection of rods and reels and tackle. work for a lure company can bring everytype of lure we carry @bostlures.com for the most part lets go catch some bigguns - Nick 954-609-8742 text me or call me asap. I live in coral springs willing to drive for the most part tri county but depends. very experienced , no miss gaft shots or having to worry your taking a idiot out on the water. beer friendly smoking friendly dip friendly and just friendly all around, just not thaaaat friendly in the Hayyyyyyy Way lol. hit me up maybe we can work a wash and wax full detail for a trip or cash but I am a 26 year old semi broke college kid. thanks again. PS always have hot girls with to small of a bikinis asking to go out on a boat fishing if you want eye candy on board to fetch us beers and hold our rods hit me up.
  • Ludwigia73Ludwigia73 Posts: 237 Officer
    ****, how do you pass up a self-invite like that??? LOL... these bikini babes, tell me more? LOL, wife wouldn't like that! I don't smoke, I rarely drink on the water, and I don't dip or do drugs. Not a straightedge, just not interested in that stuff. I wanna fish when I go out, and the truck situation is slowly sorting itself out.
  • rtfmrtfm Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    hey names robert, new here, just moved to margate from wpb. looking for someone with a boat to take me out, i can help pay for gas or if you need me to fix your boat or your car or truck. i have been a mechanic for 11 years. i have just started fishing again but i am not a expert by any means. i dont mind driving anywhere between jupiter to miami. i work from 6am to 5pm mon-fri and i am off on the weekends.

    561 900 4252
  • carlitoswaycarlitosway Posts: 47 Deckhand
    Anybody want to go out on their boat on Friday night 8/9? Me(local) and a buddy from Charlotte are thinking of hiring a charter to fish the FTLD/DADE area before he goes back home. We just did 3 days in the Tortugas and have been fishing all of our lives. We have experience and tackle and are willing to secure the bait , gas etc. We are laidback guys but hardcore fishermen looking to fill the coolers. Hit me up if you are interested... Carlos - 7545815454
  • TimbaTimba Posts: 225 Deckhand
    I am from Miami and would love to go fishing with someone, inshore/offsore. If there is anyone looking for a mate, hand with cleaning, and or someone to split the cost of bait/booze. I use to have my boat and know my way around, so I wouldn't be dead weight and would help in any way I can.
    Give me a call at Angel: 786-512-4375. Thank You for your consideration.
    "Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinquish one man from another.":thumbsup:USA
  • metalroofermetalroofer Posts: 75 Deckhand
    I like to fish on Fridays out of PE, a lot less croweded out there than weekends. I have a 28 bluewater, so PM me if anyone is intrested.
  • peteno1peteno1 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    I going to be at the Hillsboro inlet Dec.16 thru the 20th would like to find someone to fish with I don't have a boat but can pay some expences contact Bill at 513-490-0605
  • Grumpy?Grumpy? Posts: 86 Deckhand
    I have a 23 Ft Mako at Homestead Bayfront looking for some fisherman that wants to split expenses on an Early Saturday. Catch speedos see if we can get a wahoo of the edge or troll for dolphin (probably small I haven't seen anything big). But if you want to fish. Split gas and oil will be about $ 50.00 for you.
    , other than that I get along with everybody. Fishing trip ....
    anyone intrested. Caught a wahoo last week in October. Want To fish
  • JerseyzuksJerseyzuks Posts: 156 Deckhand
    Moving to Ft Lauderdale, I'll be in the area on the 22rd of December, but my boat won't be here for another month or so (maybe more). Weekends are best for me, no problem helping out with fuel, ice, food, $$$, etc

    Professional, late 30's, non-drinker, no drugs of any kind, good with a fillet knife and I can run a boat if needed.

    d a n i e l DOT j DOT c h e s l a AT g m a i l DOT c o m (remove the spaces like this [email protected])
  • Jthomp51Jthomp51 Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    you still interested?
  • JerseyzuksJerseyzuks Posts: 156 Deckhand
    Jthomp51 wrote: »
    you still interested?

    If that was an invite, I am still very interested
  • Jesse8410Jesse8410 Posts: 232 Deckhand
    Blue Chip wrote: »
    If you have a boat and you're going fishing and you have room for some additional anglers , please post up your name and contact phone number. There are plenty of experienced anglers and boat brush operators that would be more than happy to help you fill those seats.

    If you're boatless and looking for a ride and don't mind helping out with everything from ice to fuel to scrubbing the boat when you get back, please post up your name and contact phone number.

    Catch um up and don't forget to post up a fishing report when you get back!

    I have an 18ft Seacraft CC' I enjoy to head to the reefs and offshore, but am open to head out to any grounds to catch fish I can throw on the grill. If you willing to chip in on bait, gas, cleaning etc... you can come with me. contact me via email @ [email protected]
  • JerseyzuksJerseyzuks Posts: 156 Deckhand
    Jesse8410 wrote: »
    I have an 18ft Seacraft CC' I enjoy to head to the reefs and offshore, but am open to head out to any grounds to catch fish I can throw on the grill. If you willing to chip in on bait, gas, cleaning etc... you can come with me. contact me via email @ [email protected]

    I would be interested... what area are you in?
  • Jesse8410Jesse8410 Posts: 232 Deckhand
    I'm in Pines so I go out of Haulover or Port Everglades
  • amberjoeamberjoe Posts: 40 Deckhand
    hey folks, was wondering what kind of fishing skills and experience you would prefer to see in fellow anglers you bring on board, from this Need a Crew/ Want to Fish subforum?

    for example " bottom fishing", "rigging" , " gaffing", " driving" , etc...

    What at a minimal skills should someone have to be considered "experienced"?
  • ZimmerNoleZimmerNole Posts: 9,244 Officer
    ZimmerNole wrote: »
    Name is Kevin, 26 yr old FSU alumni living in Plantation, FL and working in Miami. I know I'm young, but I'd say I've got a good head on my shoulders. I do a lot of fishing out of a kayak (Mostly offshore with some inshore thrown in when the wind/waves are too much)

    I'm always looking to get out for a day out on the water. I'm prompt (on time) and always willing to help out with anything needed. I have my own gear and can pay my fair share of bait/fuel/food etc. I'm always willing to bring beer or booze if allowed on board and NEVER afraid to earn my boat washing merit badge. If you're looking for a fishing buddy who isn't a total googan feel free to call/text me at 954-605-3191

    Hand me a beer and a scrub brush at the end of the day, and I'll have the boat clean usually by the time you're done cleaning the fish! I'm also pretty good with a fillet knife.

    "We were given TWO ears and ONE mouth for a reason"
    I will listen, obey the rules of your boat and I'm always willing to LEARN if you're willing to TEACH about new techniques/tips/general life lessons

    Tight lines everyone!

    Re-posting to update my age.

    I've gone fishing with a few of the guys on here, and some of the capt's from the South Region can vouch for me.
    Heroes On the Water
    South Florida Chapter Coordinator

    "Helping find peace for those who fought to defend it!" :USA

    FSU Alumni GO NOLES!!! >>

    2013 Hobie Outback
  • UkintheusaUkintheusa Posts: 80 Deckhand
    amberjoe wrote: »
    hey folks, was wondering what kind of fishing skills and experience you would prefer to see in fellow anglers you bring on board, from this Need a Crew/ Want to Fish subforum?

    for example " bottom fishing", "rigging" , " gaffing", " driving" , etc...

    What at a minimal skills should someone have to be considered "experienced"?

    If im picking a guy for my trip i would say a good attitude is the best asset. Everything else can be worked with. Just so long as it isnt the blind leading the blind. Thereafter the more skilled, or the more gear the better.
  • JerseyzuksJerseyzuks Posts: 156 Deckhand
    anybody fishing this weekend and need an extra guy? This is my last weekend alone before the wife and kids move down, and I still have a couple of weeks before my own boat gets here
  • cantillodcantillod Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Whats up fellas!? Looking to head out Tuesday (morning or afternoon) and am in need of a crew. Truth be told, my first true passion is Freediving/SPEARFISHING however a little "Rod-Bending" lately has been calling.

    I have a 21' Mako, gear and I usually doc out of Black Point or Homestead. Anyways, if anyone wants to join in on a little advanture drop me a line so we can make it happen. I would like to try out a little VERTICLE JIGGING (something I havent tried before) so a little experience is a plus. If not, bottom fishing or whatever is welcomed.

    Good vibes and tight lines everyone...
  • JerseyzuksJerseyzuks Posts: 156 Deckhand
    I'm headed out solo in a little while. Boat is at pennells marina in deerfield.

    Might go do some reef fishing, might just mess around in the backwaters

    PM me here if you are bored and want to kill a couple of hours on a late saturday morning
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