Marathon vacation July 12

I've been on vacation,doing what i like best Fishing with the family and friends,we went out after all the storms and fished for mangroves at night and got our limit of 20 in 1 hour, and ran in quickly with another storm coming. took the nephews and morning went out and got 25 yellowtails these where flags, as my son and a friend fished for the tails i tried on the bottom and got slammed by a grouper i couldn't stop, then next bait i get an under size and after releasing it,i started fishing for the tails as my friend Victor tried bottom fishing and got hit and same thing, cut off on the bottom by a huge grouper.I've caught 2 nice blacks last year at this spot and it is full of big blacks,the bottom is so full of coral heads my anchor gets stuck on the bottom 2 out of last, three times,and i lost one here before.well we got back to the house and my cousin made a yellowtail matacumbe.waoo it was delicious. and today, I went out in the afternoon with my cousins and got another 9 nice size tails.and its not over yet,for more pics go to miamimuttonman. Photo1291.jpgPhoto1286.jpgPhoto1264.jpgPhoto1280.jpgPhoto1281.jpgPhoto1276.jpgPhoto1278.jpgPhoto1279.jpg:fishing:thumbsup


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