St George Island Redfish Tips

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Hey guys, a buddy of mine got a bay house in the Plantation and we've gone fishing off the dock as well as at the cut several times with not much luck (aside from a few pinfish and undersized trout). Redfish is the main goal and we've tried primarily live or frozen shrimp and squid on a carolina rig without much luck.

I've done some research and made a tackle store trip and bought a "Red King" redfish spoon, a "suspended twitch bait" lure, some shrimp DOA's, as well as some "Berkley Gulp shrimp".

Just wondering if those are good options or if there's any particular trick to catching one of those pesky things. The bay off of the dock is very shallow, so dragging up weeds has been a huge issue (i've been under the assumption that bouncing the shrimp on the bottom on retrieve is the best method).

I appreciate everyone's help!


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    I was at St.George Island, camping at the State Park on the Island last August. The redfish were thick. We waded the grass flats, and the best technique was casting a 3/8 oz Johnson Sprite gold spoon, We also fished the east end of the island cut, and caught redfish bottom fishing. I suggest either a small live pinfish, or half of a larger pinfish (head half is always better). Fishing the live/cut pinfish reduces a lot of smaller fish taking the bait, and allows the redfish to home into the excitement of all the smaller fish trying to feed on it. So if you are fishing off the dock, put out a few pinfish baits on the bottom, and while you are waiting for a pick-up, cast a gold spoon. Doing that, you surely will do well.

    Good luck
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    Soft jerk baits and Gulps is always a good start. Popping corks with fresh dead or live shrimp or gulp should do well with the grass. Don't use frozen unless it's squid but fresh market shrimp is cheaper and better. If you can cast net some fresh finger mullet , then cut them in chunks and cast them with no weight.
    Give us a report! :beer
  • mixitupmixitup Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    BTW, the Gulp shrimp fished under a float (Cajun Thunder type) is best for trout, and if there is a lot of floating grass (as happens after a storm), the spoons are impractical (because they keep getting fouled with sea grass), and will give a chance (but not as good as a spoon) to catch redfish, and a very good chance to catch trout.
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