Biscayne nights, 7 July

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This past week the 'Glades along the coast north and south of the Little Shark River were the destination of choice during the daytime. I was able to add one night in Biscayne Bay where the tarpon action was pretty strong (and will stay that way for weeks to come...). Here's an extract of the fly fishing that we did....

Two days later I had a long time customer and skilled fly angler Dr. Nate Mayl aboard for a quick night trip in Biscayne Bay. We hit a docklight or two where snappers and jacks attacked every fly they saw, then headed for a nearby bridge looking for a few tarpon. Nate was equipped with several 8wt fly rods and we weren't disappointed. That night he jumped eight fish in the 20 to 30lb size range and all behaved like they were on fire with that small fly.... Along the way he broke a Sage rod, lost 30 feet of a new fly line and just in general had a great time. Here's the only pics I had time for....

All of the fish that night were sight-fished... Nate was looking at every fish as it turned and attacked the fly...
The best bet now has to be the night scene - and it's perfect for a fly rod or light spinning gear.
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    Sounds like a blast!!!
    I was born and raised in Miami but moved from South Fl about 11years ago (after 42 years). Miss Biscayne Bay and the sort run out to blue water. Lot of good memories fishing down there...
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    Nice **** action!
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    I left Miami after 40 yrs too. I only miss the fishing...

    Looks like fun Bob. Was that one of the Sage bass rods Nate was using there?

    If so, I'm curious how well it handled the tarpon that size. I recently acquired a Sage II LMB 330gr I'm fixin' to try pounding the trees with down your way in the central ENP gulf rivers in a few weeks or so. I'm hoping to put a few in the air and that it's up to the task. Hopefully that wasn't the model Nate broke. :)
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    Pretty sure it was.... it did stand up pretty well until one of the fish dove back underneath the skiff - then Pow! He had another one broken about three years ago... That one was my fault, not many rods survive being stepped on by clumsy guides...

    For pounding the trees and working up inside small creeks those rods are hard to beat. Around bridges and concrete for the night scene you can break any rod if you're not careful or the fish is being point blank ridiculous... I've had fish jump over the boat, in the boat, run between pilings and start jumping, then come back out and fight in the open.... Small tarpon at close quarters are just a handful, period. The last time a night fish jumped in the boat with us was a few years ago. The fish was about 60lbs, and I was only wearing flip flops so I did need a few band-aids for my toes that night. The following week I had to re-secure the console to the deck... and yes, that fish looked really bad when I was finally able to corral it and heave it over the side....

    Some nights it's a really good thing that night charters are only five hours... not sure I could stand it if they were longer...
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    A night Biscayne trip is most definitely on the top of my wish list!!
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